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Island Locksmith Hayward, CA

723 A St
Hayward, CA 94541
199128 years in business
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Fax: (510) 889-0553
Closed Now
Monday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM-3:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 8 hours 9 minutes
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james e.
Great guys - were able to do my unique lock for an airplane that another local locksmith could not do. Thanks so much Island!!!
Sullu K.
Good job honest very punctual courteous and cool I would call him anytime and fair price
Aimee A.
March 14 2018 I contacted Island locksmith to Re-Key our office door. This is my go to company and the company I refer until today. The locksmith that performed the job was unethical, very unprofessional and breached client confidentiality all locksmiths should enforce confidentiality and privacy rights. Island locksmith technician went out of his way to release my company's privacy to a mutual client. I lost all trust with island locksmith and will be hiring another professional to Re-Key our locks. These folks can not be trusted!!!
Nick M.
Came in to get a few keys cut for mine and my buddy's motorcycle. We ordered kawasaki and suzuki blanks to match the original keys vs having a crap metal key. Dude over here says he won't cut any outside blanks because of "policy" policy my ass I would have paid for his cheap ass blank just for him to cut my actual kawasaki blank but his costumer service and attitude was so shitty that i just left... Now I'm headed to Bayside locksmith on Winton street where I should have went to in the first place because they've taken care of me before.
John V.
If your store has a "open" sign then why is the door locked and nobody is there??? Called the number, no answer. Saw another guy show up while writing this review out front and he did the same annoyed face as mine. Dude! Put one of those be back in 20 minutes signs up or just put a closed sign up. Inconsiderate and rude!
Virginia L.
I locked myself out of my bedroom and wasn't quite sure what to do. I tried to pick the lock myself after watching numerous YouTube videos but after many failed attempts, I decided to call Island Locksmith. It was Saturday morning and I called a few other companies before I called Island Locksmith, but they were trying to charge an arm and a leg just to open my bedroom door! I decided to call Island Locksmith and he immediately provided me with a very reasonable price quote and told me he could be at my house in 10 minutes. I told him I would call him back (I wanted to check if there were any other companies who would be cheaper), and after a few more attempts at other locksmiths, Island Locksmith was actually the most reasonable option. I called him back and he came right away. He was friendly, very knowledgeable, and went above and beyond, even replacing my lock, with no extra charge. They provide quick service, in and out, with exceptional service. I would definitely recommend Island Locksmith!!! Thank you for your help!!! =)
Katrina P.
Came here exactly at 1:45pm, Door says "OPEN" but second door says closed?? Yelp also says "open till 3pm". Unprofessional and a waste of time.!Don't bother coming, they don't answer their phones either.
Mark P.
I called and ask for a car FOB programming (I mentioned I have bought fob so all I need is programming). The guy who answered my phone told me it is very expensive to program my car (I have 2014 lexus IS). He kept avoid telling me the price and just mentioned "it is very expensive to program my car" and eventually tell me its around $600-$700 for programming my fob.... obviously he does not want my business at all....
Susan P.
These guys awesome. Saved our day - super fast response, couldn't be more helpful in what was a pretty tough situation for us. Our heroes! All Saints School/Church loves Island Locksmith!
Jane C.
Thanks for the super service! I took my remote key fob to a dealer who told me it was no longer working .. the price quoted was around $200 for the replacement and reprogramming. Then I remembered I had called on Island Locksmith previously...and called them again. I had purchased a new fob on line...took both to Island Locksmith. He programmed the new one and then re-programmed the "broken" one!! So now I have two! Definitely recommend...
Bill R.
I should have written this review earlier but my last visit was so good again that I am doing it now. These folks are wonderful, friendly, knowledgable, and provide first rate service. On my first visit I had a new deadbolt that I didn't even buy there but I took it in because newly cut keys didn't work in the rekeyed deadbolt. The locksmith explained that some times a newly keyed lock and key just have a rough edge. He showed my how to "snap" the key a few times to knock the edge off. The price -- no charge. Saved me a lot as I later rekeyed every lock in the house myself to use a common key. That "snap" trick was used often. Later I wanted to rekey a lock on my screen door to match the common key. Really funky lock and for the life of me I couldn't get it out of the screen door so I could take it in. They did a home visit, ended up having to remove the screen and turn it upside down to get the pins to drop due to age and wear. Very reasonable charge and now I have the perfect lock. Most recently I had a heavy duty padlock (circular design to avoid access by a bolt cutter) for which I needed 2 duplicate keys. Multiple hardware stores did not have the right key blank. These guys did, and took the time to explain about the key blank and how it needed to be cut a little special to fit the lock cleanly. Small shop with lots of skill and service. Five stars.
Heidi V.
Found them on Yelp. I didn't end up using their service, yet they went out of their way to assist and provide me with great information. I'll be back!
Brian C.
Home Depot and Ace both failed to make a working copy of my motorcycle key. Island locksmith did it in two minutes. Trust the pros! These guys do great work.
Jini G.
Island Locksmith has a contract with me for lifetime! We first used Island Locksmith to replace our front door locks. Upon inspection, Raj brought to our attention of some very important things that we never thought of looking at, being first time home owners. Then we proceeded to get our windows replaced and the numb nuts (who are no longer in bus......FIGURES) that replaced our sliding door did not install the lock on the door correctly. Raj and Doug came in and took the part with them to try to fix it in-house but the damage was bad so we ended up ordering a new one. Doug came in and installed it sooner than expected which was GREAT in my books! Raj, Doug & Junior know what they're doing and they don't just fix & go, they teach you how to properly handle and maintain your valuables.
alan q.
I needed a my front door rekeyed. I called these guys and they quoted me $45-$60. They did come promptly, but they tried billing me for 3 times this amount. Be aware of their estimates. The final bill will probably be diffferent.
Cat R.
A job well done! I made the phone call to Island Locksmith at 10am, and they had 2 new car keys ready for me an hour later. He then promptly met me at my car to deliver the keys and confirm that they work, and charged a very reasonable price. I will definitely use this company moving forward.
Andrew Y.
I think I just got trolled by this place. I went in to get a couple keys cut (the rounded kind) and the son of the owner cut my keys so I had high hopes. LOL! I was 100% the calibration was off because when the job was done I asked him to look since they didn't match up. He refused to look and said he had to go. I refused to pay so they took the keys. Even if I purchased them the cashier didn't even know how to ring me up wtf...Actually the son was pretty badass for how much he didn't give a shit (almost could be in an Eminem music video or something). Even reminds me of when I was younger. However, I really feel bad for the owner (this kid's dad) who actually owns this place and trusts him. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL to say the least :)
Kameko W.
Thanks Raj & Jr for hookin this new homeowner up! You two came in and gave me a very reasonable estimate for re-key and 5 copies of keys. I had already called around the day before and you were right in the middle for pricing, plus you have me two more copies then the other two businesses had said. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks, family & friends. Thanks guys!
Veronica S.
When I bought my house I called these guys to come out and change my locks. They were very fast & efficient. I would use them again for sure!
Aivy C.
You know, most normal locks operate as follows: HORIZONTAL = UNLOCKED VERTICAL = LOCKED. In the interest of saving money, my hardworking (but frugal) dad decided that the guy he asked to paint our house was also somehow capable of re-doing our bathrooms, installing new cabinets and drawers in our kitchen, and changing the handles on our kitchen sink. As a result, I've had to shower in my parents' bathroom for a year, I've learned not to keep utensils in the drawers that don't open fully, and I can't even turn the sink on full blast because of an oh so cleverly placed windowsill. That said, you can pretty much imagine the job he did on our bedroom doors. Huge tangent aside, I'll get to the point. I locked myself out of one of the rooms, and Island Locksmith was the company in closest proximity to my house. They were polite and prompt on the phone, and just as prompt and polite in person. Granted it was a little painful to have to pay $50 for a 5 minute job, but it was a small price to pay compared to the cost of eventually re-doing my house! I've got a two year old, who thankfully wasn't home at the time, so I'm sure I'll find myself in a similar situation again. God forbid, but if that day comes, I'll have Island Locksmith on speed dial.
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AMPM Locksmith San Ramon, CA

3140 Crow Canyon Rd
San Ramon, CA 94583
199128 years in business
Closed Now
Monday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 8 hours 9 minutes
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Denis D.
Got a replacement key for a VW Jetta. Fast, friendly, efficient service. Very cost effective compared to dealership.
S J.
I lost the keys to my Lexus, and had to have it towed to the dealership. The AAA tow truck driver recommended that I go to ampm locksmith because I could get the keys a couple hundred dollars cheaper. I went to ampm, ordered two keys and went on my way. 30 days later the one key that I used every day broke. The other key I was able to use, but after 30 days that key started to fall apart. I also began to have issues with my electrical system because for some reason the key and my car could not communicate properly and it was creating issues with my windows, door and locks, but I don't know why. I would recommend to not waste any money on purchasing a brand name vehicle key from this company, because they're not the real thing, they are fake. I would go to the dealers and save yourself the time and grief. The owner would not reimburse me after 30 days!
Kris K.
Contacted AMPM on Wed to see if they could make a key for a lock. They asked that I send a picture to determine if they could make a new key for the lock. They said they could and it would take 1 hour. My wife dropped it off before 2pm and was told it would take a day. Was unable to pick up on Thur. but went in at lunch on Friday and they had not worked on the lock yet. The people working there did not seem to care that they had not done what they said they were going to do. I had to wait for them to complete the work, as I needed the lock for the weekend. When I came back to pick up the lock, they talked amongst themselves to determine what they were going to charge me. I pointed out that when I sent them the picture that the price quoted was $25. They said that seemed low but they would honor it. I was surprised that this was their comment after not completing the work when they said they would. If anything I would think they would have offered a discount since they wasted my time. The only reason they are not getting one star was because the key they made did work. However, I will definitely find another locksmith next time.
Sahil G.
Excellent service, and fast response and they clearly knows what they are doing, very reasonable price as well. Highly recommended to everyone for any type of auto car key laser cut and programming.
Joe F.
I wanted a replacement for my Toyota electronic key. I called and was told they could do it at the Concord location. I had to go there 4 times, each time being told they could do it. Finally they said they needed to get the key and ordered it. They said they would call me and come to my house to make the key. They never called even after I ran into the manager at Costco. Absolutely terrible customer service and communication. Finally I called a competitor (Quick Keys) did it the next day.
Lori N.
Needed to get a key copied yesterday and this place was super quick. I was literally in and out in two minutes. Great job, super friendly service! I'll definitely be back in the future and they carry a great assortment of car fobs in additional to locks, etc.
Dawn R.
Just had them over as I had lost my car keys and could not get into my car. I had previously bought a spare key from Amazon but had never got round to programming it as it was a smart key. They came within the hour and although they couldn't program the car initially, he sent his son with a different machine and it was programmed within 5 minutes. Very happy with the price and the service and would use them again if required. Only way I'm giving 4 stars is I had to wait until his son came the different machine otherwise it would have been 5 stars.
Kyokudoperformance k.
Called in 3 days ago, made an appointment, they showed up, they couldn't fix the problem and told me that they'll be back to fix it ASAP once they figure out what's going on, they were to get back to Me the same day, never got a call, called them that evening and same guy I spoke to over the phone earlier that day said they'll call me back right away to let me know what's going on, NO CALL, NO SHOW. Called them the next morning to found out what happened... the same man I spoke too said they will certainly get back to me within the next 30 to 40 minutes, AGAIN! never got a call back or an explanation, I can't understand how a company can run a business that they're number one priority is customer service/customer communication. I can understand such things occurring/happening in between jobs which may not allow them to return to work or complete a previous job but not to call back to explain or apologize is what I'm disappointed at. Anyway, I'll never call them again or ask for their services but thank you anyway. Hope you get the time to educate your team on some people skills!
Doug W.
The ignition cylinder on my 2001 Toyota was having problems turning. The car could not be started easily. The dealer quote was high, but he let slip that they were only going to call a locksmith. So instead of paying for a locksmith with markup, I called AMPM. They fixed the ignition cylinder. The same key works in all locks. And they reprogrammed my key fobs, all for less than half of what the Toyota dealer estimated.
Adam B.
Only deal w the gentlemen he knows what he talking about and will give you the right price and service.. The 2 females behind the counter are clueless wanted to charge me almost 2x what the gentlemen quoted me and went from 30 min service to almost 2 hrs when the girls took over
Tina Y.
Thanks for attaching my keys together, but it was a complicated one where they need to put chips in the key, so they need to reset the car. Thanks for the help by manager and owner
Heather G.
I came to AM PM Locksmith in a panic since the battery on my car key went out. Alexis helped me out and was so kind, and so quick! He gave my girls snacks and water while we waited, and the price was beyond reasonable (a lot less than I was expecting, actually!) I'll be coming back for all of our key needs, and would highly recommend this shop to everyone. Thanks, Alexis!
Nancy M.
I was very pleased with my experience from their Livermore location. Could only see this one but I know they are fairly new to Livermore. The man that helped me come out on a Sunday eve was so helpful. He got here in 20 minutes at night and the cost was cheaper than anyone else. Great experience!
Bird S.
Called yesterday, said they'd call back. Didn't. Called again, said they'd be here at 10am today. They weren't. Called them at 10:30, they were disrespectful on the phone. Made excuses. Gave us a 40 minute wait time. Finally got here, estimated it to take 1 hour. 2 and half hours later, they can't fix the mistake. They won't answer our questions. The mechanic, who we understood was just doing his best & couldn't fix it, was rude when we asked him how much longer it would be (past the estimated time). Then, instead of asking us if we wanted our car towed (the reason we picked his service instead of someone else's was that they specifically said it didn't need to be towed & could fix in our parking garage), or discussing with us at all, he called his manager, and said they needed to tow our car. When we said we'd rather tow through our insurance, and that's why we picked them (who agreed to fixing it in the garage without towing), he became verbally hostile with my fiancé. I called his manager, assuming he would want to know the horrible overall experience we had in order to improve customer service. Instead he yelled at me, argued that our car shouldn't be having the issue he agreed he could rectify, & told me I shouldn't expect his mechanic to answer our questions.
Raul G.
Amazing job! This is the second time I used them. Honestly will never go to anyone else. Lost my only set of keys. They were able to get someone out super fast. They made two copies. Did the job super quick and pricing was a bargain! I called dealership they charged me over 1200 dollars to get two keys made and had to tow my car to them. They are super efficient and quick and did no harm to my vehicle. Truly impressed with their unlocking skills! I truly recommend them to anyone I see with key issues. Vijay did a truly amazing job!! Very happy to have my keys! Thanks!
joel k.
I called because I thought I had locked my car keys in the trunk, when actually they were found in my office building. The response was prompt and they canceled my request with no hassle at all. I don't hope to ever need to call on them again, but if I do I would only trust them.
Matis T.
Been here twice to get a key copied. Both times they couldn't do it. I thought I was at a locksmith lol
Abe M.
I needed new car keys cut and programmed. Cheedah provides me with excellent service and 50% less than what the dealer would have charged me. He was fast, attentive and explained how the car key reprogramming works. I will be back to shop with him again.
Lola F.
Yelp find. My car key battery was dying on me so I came here to get it changed out. Found this place on yelp when I did a search for keys. It's location is pretty convenient being that it's on the main road, but if you're driving on Crow Canyon coming from the freeway and going towards Alcosta, you'll have to make a u-turn. I was in and out in 5 minutes. They took my key, replaces the battery, and gave me my key back real quick. Perfect for me cause I have other places to go. Cost was $10.85...not sure if this is cheap or expensive so you decide. Also not sure if price is based on the make and model of your car. I would like to add a note about their customer service. If you're looking for a place that's going to chat with you, smile, or get to know you then I suggest going somewhere else. The guy who helped me, BJ, didn't smile or partake in small talk. He was just direct and too the point, which was fine with me honestly. I have another car key that needs a new battery so I'll probably come back because they got the job done and fast.
Johnny S.
I officially retract my previous review as this place is extremely suspect. I called to get the prius fob done and quoted me $200. I went in today the girl asks me, did you call beforehand to get a quote? Yes, $200. She calls her boss, he's apparently says no, everyone gets $220. What the heck? I come all the way here to be lied to? And why does she even have to ask if I got a quote beforehand? So sorry, you don't get my business if you're going to be so shady.
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Menlo Park Locksmith Pros Menlo Park, CA

3723 Haven Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025
200514 years in business
Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-10:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM-10:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM-10:00 PM
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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Greg K.
I contacted them to get new locks installed at my house that was newly remodeled. They were very responsive and actually had their tech call me back. We discussed what I wanted and he told me to just let them know when the doors were installed and they would come install the locks. 2 days later the door was installed, I called as requested and was told by the scheduler they couldn't do it until the next day. I re-arranged multiple meetings to accommodate the appointment and 50 minutes before the scheduled appointment she Called and said they couldn't make it and had to reschedule even though I already informed her I was going out of town the next day. She said "then I can't help you and there is no manager for you to speak to. " Terrible business model and awful customer service.. it sounds like if you need them to come unlock something, they will help you if they are available but do not expect them to show up if you make an appointment.
William C.
I was about to go home for the night and my office door lock was not locking up, the key was spinning round and round. I thought I was going to need a new lock installed. I couldn't leave my office unlocked all night, so of course I start looking up who does commercial locksmith in Menlo Park. I was worried anywhere I might call would have a extra fee for hiring emergency locksmiths late at night. But then I called Menlo park locksmith pros. I actually spoke with the owner who was very nice, he told me it was no problem sending out his tech and promised me there was no emergency locksmith additional fee. His guy arrived 20 minutes or less like they said. Thankfully he was able to actually fix the lock itself. The price was very fair. I was just so relieved to be able to lock up and go home with peace of mind.
Tony W.
After the couple of days moved in Menlo Park my spouse and I were got locked out of our house but not your typical locked out of house situation per say. We were locked out on our balcony which is attached to our house. When we tried to go back inside it was clear something was broken with the sliding door lock so we were stuck. We were searching on our phones and calling around for a locksmith that does home services because most of the "mom and pop shops" that were coming up under keys & locksmiths were saying to call a mobile locksmith service. So we did. Some others were 100$ just to come out then money on top. Thankfully I found this place and they were 19$ to come out so I figured that would be the better option. The tech arrived, he called us, he had to open our front door then come into our home which we navigated him through to find us. He introduced himself through the window and after looking at the lock he said he knew what was wrong and he would have us back inside in no time. He gave us the pricing before starting which was very reasonable so we went ahead. He did an adjustment to the lock that allowed him to open he door to let us in. Then he finished fixing the lock. He cleaned up after himself then made sure to show us what he fixed and have us test it before leaving. I honestly couldn't have asked for better locksmith service in such a stressful situation.
Stephen S.
I have actually used Menlo Park Locksmith Pros before in the past and today I used them again.There was this detail I had engraved in my mind from the first time I called them out to replace my car key the previous time. Their tech had stapled their business card on my invoice and then I remember him writing down my "key code" on my invoice and explaining to me in detail that saving that "key code" would make replacing my car key cheaper in the future. So, you can bet I saved that invoice. Today I couldn't find my car key so I found my invoice from them and called them up. My tech actually remembered me from before was able to come out pretty quick. He came over and used the key code he had saved prior to make the new key and this time it was faster and cheaper to make the key again. Just like he said before. I'm glad I kept that key code because it was a $80 saving, & hey, I'll take what I can get. They seem to really care about their clientele so a big 5 stars in my book.
Simba M.
We had the same exact issue as other person. The woman on the phone blatantly misquoted us. She clearly said the cost would be 19.99 dollars to have them come out and 35 dollars to take care of the lock. There was no information that 35 was the starting price (which is what they said after we called them back). When the locksmith arrived they wanted to charge us the 19.99 plus 169. We had to spend about an hour going back and forth between the technician, the company, and ourselves. After arguing with them again and again they ended up doing it for 100 dollars but they had to drill out the lock (which will add cost to fix door). The aggivation of dealing with them is not worth it. This company is not to be trusted.
Jim S.
I was locked out and called the number and the person said the price would be $19 delivery and $35 or more for the locksmith services. I asked for a more definite price; she said it depends on the type of lock but it was usually no more than $100. She said I could pay by cash or Visa. The guy arrived in 30 minutes, on time, and said the standard price was $29 plus $189. I told him what the person on the phone said; he said he does;t know why such bad information was given. He did do a good job. It took him 2 minutes to defeat the lock. Even if one assumes five minutes to do the job, for $189 that is over $2200 per hour! It was classic finger pointing. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth
Neha G.
These guys were fantastic. My son locked me out of our bedroom at 7pm, and these folks showed up 15 minutes later to let me back in. They were on time, got the job done quickly, were very clear about their charges upfront, and even made me a couple of extra keys on the way out the door. I'd call them again in a heartbeat, though I'm hoping it won't happen again!
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George’s 24 Hour Lock Service San Leandro, CA

San Leandro, CA 94578
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Dynamic D.
Goodness gracious, after reading Izzue's review, I thought I'd put in a good word for this locksmith. I was in a HUGE bind and they came to my rescue within two hours. I recently purchased a home and accidentally broke the door. Not only did they repair the door itself, they secured the door knob and the bolt as well. Great customer service!
Cole E.
Quick, professional, family business! George is pretty great, gave me a fair price for an after-hours lockout ($60), and has been smithing for over 40 years! He arrived quickly and he and his son had the door open in no time! I don't think they are great at advertising...so definitely support these local dudes if you can! PS - Their new phone number is 510-821-7321.
Jes S.
I was locked out of the house and started calling locksmiths from the phone book. Most of the companies with big ads were too busy or too expensive. One company would not even tell me their price over the phone and wouldn't be there for an hour, they said they would call, so I kept calling other locksmiths. We called George, he arrive same time as the other locksmith, the other guys were late & also tried to tell me it cost more because it was after 5 (we called them at 4). I went with George, he was inexpensive $50 to open the lock. He got there in 15 minutes, did not have a different rate based on the time of day. We called George again when we locked ourselves out of our new place while moving, he unlocked the screen door & showed me how to break the glass in the small window pane of the wood door when we realized that the door only unlocked from the inside. Once in the empty house he made sure it was really our place- we showed him the keys opened the door. He's a friendly & decent guy, we talked about how he used to live in the same neighborhood. Five stars for no hassle, fast arrival, working around problems, affordable, & professional. I highly recommend him.
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Steve’s Lock & Key Redwood City, CA

Redwood City, CA 94063
200019 years in business
Additional number: (408) 298-8678
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Barbara F.
Steve was able to unlock my antique roll top desk, when other locksmith could not. I am very happy and give him the highest recommendation!
Mark M.
Good locksmith, works hard , on time, on budget and has a great knowledge of locks and door systems.
David S.
Steve is a great locksmith, always been there for me when I needed him. Hard to find service like that these days.
Beth N.
If I could give 10 stars, I would. Steve is the definition of great customer service. Our front door lock/handle was broken. I contacted Steve, he responded quickly, he came when he said he would and put in our new locking mechanism quickly and painlessly! On top of it all, he is incredibly nice and easy to deal with! I would highly recommend Steve's Lock & Key!
Anna B.
I've been using Steve's Lock & Key for about a year now. I can't say enough good things!! Steve is prompt, curteous, and so very helpful. He has helped our small business grow, and we couldn't be more greatful!
Craig C.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I give more than 5 stars? I mean the job that was done by Steve's Lock & Key was beyond fabulous, worth more than 5 stars!!! The service was beyond amazing. I can tell Steve is very trustworthy man. He is good at what he does!!!!! I expected a really high invoice for the jobs I gave him and when I seen the invoice I was shocked to see such a decent amount. I had him service my home, my front door that I decided to fix myself many many years ago, yeah I screwed it up more than fixing it. So I called Steve, and guess what he game to the rescue!!!! He fixed it now the door shuts perfectly. So, than I needed new locks installed in my new office. Hmmm who should i call, I thought to myself?! Oh I know Steve's Lock & Key. He came out in very mannered time. He installed 4 locks on my new office and made me copies of keys. Amazing company, fabulous work, affordable prices, trustworthy man, well mannered, great customer service, all around an amazing company.
Barton C.
I needed to get into a cheap safe with a tubular key cylinder for the override since the batteries died before I could replace them (yes I am stupid). I mailed Steve a couple of pictures of the safe and locking mechanism/keypad and he said he didn't recognize it and that he would need to pick it. This is what I expected. I checked with another locksmith who was also helpful over email but the difference is that Steve just so happens to live near me so he offered to stop by on the way home one day and open it up. As a result of the convenience for him he gave me a huge break on the price compared to the competition. He was about 60% less....This was something that he offered up under his own volition! Steve showed up on time, was friendly, knowledgeable, skilled, and quickly accessed the safe. While he was there we discussed an unrelated topic concerning electronic deadbolts. He gave me his professional opinion and some options I wasn't aware of which was extremely helpful. A great experience. I would highly recommend calling Steve if you need an onsite locksmith.
Michelle K.
Steve's services were excellent. We had just moved into our new home and we were handed a string of random keys. I had looked at them and said some choice words. AND, I couldn't even use the keys to open any of the f@&$ing doors!! Steve came, on time, examined all the locks around the property, said he could get me one key for all the doors of the house! He conditioned the locks, he made the keys and I no longer needed to use profanities to get inside!!
Laura O.
Steve re-keyed 2 doors for me and made copies on site. He was friendly, responsive, professional, and reasonable. Couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks Steve!
John D.
Steve always provides excellent, prompt service. Great guy to deal with, highly recommend!
Sylvi R.
Steve came out the same day and repaired our front entry lock. It works very well now and we can stay safe! Very professional! I would highly recommend him!
Mia B.
Awesome - I highly recommend Steve. I needed a replacement key for a lock, and he took care of my problem professionally and quickly. I work in real estate and plan on hiring Steve again when I need help with keys/locks!
Ms B.
Steve is great. I called him at the end of the day and he called me right back. He had just arrived at his home but told me he would be right here to do the job. He was here in less than what he said and not only rekeyed the locks (2) he made 6 keys for me at less that I could ever pay for a key. He was fast, kept to his quote and oiled the locks as a bonus! No nonsense guy, hard working and honest. I wrote to that Devin A from Los Angeles because he put a bad comment under the wrong Company. Steve works solo and not in LA, And once you use Steve it is obvious that his level of integrity will keep business coming and a miss placed bad comment should be removed from Steves perfect score.
Nicky G.
Steve was recommended to me by a friend who recently changed locks in his house (5 of them ) and was very happy with his work. Steve returned my call promptly, made time for me the next day and did a great job really fast. I needed my front door lock changed, he did a good job. He was fast and gave me 5 new keys. His price is reasonable. I highly recommend Steve.
Devin A.
The rudest company ever. When I moved in my home, I called them to rekey. They upsold me "the best lock" on the market. They were apparently supposed to give me a card with it, which is the only way I can get new keys made. Only they didn't (and I'm POSITIVE) since I keep EVERYTHING! I even had the original calendar appointment from 2009. And I have ever bit of paperwork from my house in one file. I never even knew you needed a card...so couldn't possibly "misplace" something that I didn't know existed. Also, the lock didn't fit properly and the service man was rude. After realizing I couldn't get keys made (even though I'm the owner of the home) without them or going directly to the manufacturer and paying a huge fee there to, I called. Dave was extremely rude insisting that the service person gave me a card (he wasn't there). Then he starts telling me that I tipped the technician $10 and forgot that so I must have forgotten. The lock cost $242. He basically told me I was lying. Don't do business with them. SCAMMERS!!!
B D.
I was moving back to my house after renting it out for a couple of years. I called Steve, and he was very easy to talk with to make an appointment. He arrived on time, handled everything smoothly, and provided great service. I had two different keys (on 5 cylinders) that I wanted to re-key. He made a really convenient master key that worked for both, and side entry key that would only work for the side door. He was able to even tag some of the keys with "DO NOT DUPLICATE". I am very happy with his service and my keys/doors/locks now. Thank you Steve!
Cecilie H.
I called Steve with a "sticky lock" issue that had been looked at by another locksmith a year ago, but not really fixed. The door got so stuck that I tried Steve, who was recommended by yet another locksmith out on medical leave. Steve found two problems, the door was coming loose from its mountings in the frame, and, the internal lock mechanism was dry. Steve essentially rehung the door and lubed the lock mechanism. Opening, closing and locking the door is a joy again after living with creaking and scraping. Steve does great work and provides good customer service.
Jarrett T.
Steve is a honest guy who does an honest job. I had lost a set of keys for a door lock and deadbolt. He came out and made me a new set of keys in no time. Professional, courteous and friendly.
Sharon L.
Steve is very good and fast. He comes to your house, fixed the lock and give you 2 mail box keys in 15 mins. And does a great job and the best prices. No BS for sure.
Max R.
Steve provides fast and professional service and he goes above the call of duty. I recently used Steve when I was locked out and I was very pleased at the level of service. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a locksmith.
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A Acme Mobile Locksmith San Carlos, CA

1260 Spring St
San Carlos, CA 94070
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J. R.
Left messages, no return calls. Disappointed.
Hector F.
Quick same service locksmith in redwood city. They are insured and bonded so I am not apprehensive to use them or recommend them.
Tigger M.
I've called twice about a job at my home, but no return calls. Perplexing business model.
Gary S.
I wanted to try this company for a mobile locksmith because their Yelp reviews looked so good, but after two days of trying to call them and reaching nothing but voicemail and a message saying their mailbox is full, I'm moving on.
Erick T.
I cannot say enough awesome things about Frank and Carolyn. Carolyn managed the phones, and was remarkably helpful in answering all my questions about getting the locks on my new home rekeyed. Frank then came out and was super professional, and did a wonderful job. Best of all, they offered some of the most competitive pricing of all the Bay Area locksmiths that I spoke with. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience, and would highly recommend Acme to anyone with locksmithing needs.
Steve J.
WOW! I couldn't be more satisfied. After reluctantly discharging a housekeeper, I needed a quick re-key on the front door just to cover all bases, and called them at 1:30 pm. Left a message, and they were back to me within 5 minutes. Having a tight schedule, I wasn't available the times they proposed. Almost embarrassed, I said, "How about this afternoon?" A quick check with her guy in the field, she confirmed, and Frank showed up 30 minutes later! Pleasant, fast, courteous; this is service as it should be. And the cost was fair, and unexpectedly low. They're now in my contact file, the only locksmith.
Sheila C.
Absolutely perfect experience! Scheduling was a breeze and appointment went flawlessly. Not only was he kind and courteous (taking off his shoes upon entering the house even though I assured him he didn't have to), he did a fantastic and thorough job for a great price.
M S.
Yelp really works!!! We found A Acme Mobile Locksmith and chose to use them because of all the great reviews on Yelp. We were not disappointed. We were able to get an appointment very quickly as well. Frank was great! He was on time and completed our job skillfully. We are very pleased and highly recommend Frank and A Acme Mobile Locksmith!
Matthew B.
Can't say enough about Frank. Excellent locksmith, very nice guy, fast, and really reasonably priced. We won't be using or recommending anyone else!
Erin S.
I locked myself out of my condo at 4:45am and called Frank who arrived within 30 minutes and opened the lock in under 5 minutes. Not only was he friendly and efficient, he charges way less ($65) than other locksmiths who quoted me as high as $300! Thank you Frank for saving my morning!
Todd Z.
Excellent service - professional, honest, trustworthy. He arrived a few minutes early, fixed the problem with my lock in no time, and even told me how to fix it myself if it ever happens again. This is your guy.
Lorraine E.
Highly recommend Frank for all your locksmith needs. Yelp reviews are right on, he arrives early, offers to remove his shoes inside the home, and is quick and efficient. We had him rekey all the locks in the home and make new keys for everyone. Prices were more than fair. Even when we could not find one of the keys, Frank was able to do the job without any problem. Professional, efficient and fair, this company has it all. Easy to make an appointment, we were able to find a time that worked the very next day.
Denise L.
Frank was wonderful to work with and we will definitely call him with future requests! Our experience was in line with what other Yelpers have said, but still worth mentioning: - Came 5 minutes early, with everything in hand. - Took off his shoes without us having to ask, which is great since we recently redid our hardwood floors. - Required minimal direction and incredibly knowledgeable about our lock systems. - Very considerate and efficient. - Reasonable prices.
Mariko H.
I totally recommend A Acme Mobile Locksmith to anyone who needs locksmith. This is my 3rd time to have Frank come over to my house over 4 years. I still love his service and I'm feeling good that I know who to get when I have any lock problems/needs!!! This time was to replace a door knob & a dead bolt, and re-key the door knob for the remodeling. He did a great job in a short time. He is still the same guy after 4 years who - is very professional with great skills - is very polite and mild-mannered - gives honest opinions - comes always on time or even earlier than the scheduled time - takes his shoes off to go into the house without me, asking him - educates customers - has a very reasonable price
Eric B.
Frank is a wonderful professional. On time, fast, and thorough. I've used Acme Mobile Locksmith several times already and will continue to use them exclusively for all my future needs!
Ryan C.
I rarely do Yelp reviews, but I must say Frank is amazing. My lock was dysfunctional and Frank was on time to check it out. Needless to say, the lock was back in place and working again! He is very detailed and explains what he is doing so you aren't out of the loop. He also took off his shoes before coming into my house which shows how much he respects his costumers. Everything he did was very thorough and quick. I have never seen a locksmith work so efficiently. Not only was he the best locksmith I've come across, but his pricing was more than fair. I definitely recommend Frank to anyone who needs a locksmith! There is a reason he's 5 stars all the way!
Ben Y.
Let me just say this: If more businesses are run by people like Frank/Acme, then the world will be a better place. Really, I'm actually feeling guilty that I waited this long to give Frank a well-deserved 5-star review! A couple of months ago, I lost my mailbox key and had to have the lock replaced. I found Frank on Yelp like all other people here and made my call. Frank was very precise and courteous when scheduling my appointment. He did not give me a "window" of time that he would show up--he said 8:15am the next day, and he knocked on my door at 8:15am the next day. Frank said it would take 15 minutes and he came back with new keys before I could finish cooking my breakfast. He even offered me $10 discount! I was absolutely dumbfounded by the quality and speed of his service and I have been referring him to every one I know who needs a locksmith in the area Seriously, if you are in this annoying situation of having to get your lock replaced, Frank is your guy and he makes the process like a breeze.
Jennifer L.
Thank you, Yelpers! You got this 5 star average so, so right! Frank was quick, professional, courteous, reasonably-priced, capable, and completely reliable. He saved me a lot of money compared to another Yelp-recommended locksmith. It seems like it should be stressful changing locks, but he took the stress out of the process. And he likes dogs. Easiest 5 stars ever!
Anthony A.
Frank is the man for all your locksmith needs! I used him when I needed to change all my locks at my place. He was so prompt that he showed up 10 minutes before my appointment at the top of my doorstep, with tools in hand ready to go. Now that's what I call great customer service! Frank was really nice and courteous. He realigned my door since there was a small gap, gave me a discount since I was a first-time customer, and even made extra spare keys for me for free. What a deal! I highly recommend Acme and will definitely call Frank in the future. Also, I wouldn't have found him if it weren't for all the wonderful reviews here on yelp. Thank you!
A F.
I used Acme to rekey my entire house - seven handles and seven dead bolts. I had no keys for any of them, so they all required picking and re-keying. I called three places and Acme was the cheapest by about three times! Other places were ~$60-70 service fee, ~$20-30 per lock to pick, and ~$20-30 per lock to re-key. Acme was $45 service fee and $10 per lock. He didn't charge me for the keys or any of the little extra pieces he needed to put in, like custom pins! He fit me in his schedule quickly, and stayed over three hours to get the job done right! I was really impressed with Frank's work and price, so I wanted to review positively.
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1st American Locksmith Hayward, CA

29843 Clearbrook Cir
Hayward, CA 94544
20109 years in business
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