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Elite Mobile Locksmith Hayward, CA

2115 Kelly St
Hayward, CA 94541
Additional number: (800) 251 8155
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Business is opened 24 hours
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Duncan H.
Please do not use this service. This is a mobile locksmith service that is not based in your community. They report that their business is located in Pittsburgh. I called them at a Mill Valley number where they reportedly had an office. They do not have na office in Hayward, Pittsburgh, Mill Valley or anywhere else. They may or may not employ real locksmith. My experience has been that they subcontract with local locksmiths and are a clearinghouse for phone calls. That might be fine if they provided a real service. I called "Speedy Lock and Key Mobile Locksmith" to help me enter my home that I had locked myself out of. The person they sent was incompetent. Without informing me of the risks they drilled through my entire door and broke a mortise lock mechanism. They were never able to get into the house but they were able to irreparably damage the locking mechanism such that replacement will cost $800-$1000. I have spent five days trying to get a response from their customer service. They keep telling me someone will call back and that they are forwarding it to their technician supervisor. They have told me that they are not responsible for the workmanship of the locksmiths they contract with. They have hung up on me. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. Look around at surrounding Bay Area communities and type in Speedy or Elite Mobile Locksmith and you will start to see 1 star reviews. This is a scam at best. I will be taking them to court.
Home B.
NO STARS! Currently in the process of a lawsuit as we speak. This place is THEEEE WORST SERVICE IN THE BAY AREA! Called them and they sent a guy over to my place. First he couldn't get the broken key out so he told me he had no choice but to take my ignition housing off. I said will that cost me more? ( I already knew the answer to that as I felt a hustle coming on). He said yes, $300. I didn't have a choice so agreed. After he took of my housing he couldn't find a way to put it back on. Then he tells me, my spare key doesn't work. I said no way, my spare key is the same. He still argued and gave me an attitude " I know what I'm doing. I've been doing this for a long time. Your spare key doesn't work. It wont turn your ignition on " I Said, uh maybe you need to put my ignition housing back on and then turn the steering then it should work. He still didn't agree. After he tried putting it back on and turn the steer, it worked. He felt stupid afterwards. Then he quickly ask, " Ok $300. Want a reciept? " I said yes. I gave him the money, he got in his car and drove off. NO Receipt. But here's where @#$!( hits the fan. He left and the housing from my steering is loose! This means when I try and turn my signal the entire housing behind the steering moves too! I called his work up and they said they send him back to repair it. After hunting him down, 4 days later he shows up..Still can't repair it and tells me I need to take my car to the dealership to have them repair it! DUDE WHAT? You broke my car and now I have to pay extra?? You gotta be @#$ me! He just drove off! I called his manager at work and told him I'm going to sue your place if you don't repair my car. The manager said ok I'll take care of it...days past, weeks past and nothing. What kinda manager allows his employees to make this kinda of mistake AND ignore his customer??? If any of you guys get a guy with a russian accent, GOOD LUCK!! HEs the one who broke my car! I can't wait to take them to court!!!
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First Call Locksmith Hayward, CA

23920 2nd St
Hayward, CA 94541
200020 years in business
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Security Safe Hayward, CA

1753 Addison Way
Hayward, CA 94544
197644 years in business
Additional number: (877) 777-0456
Fax: (510) 732-8716
Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in -9 hours -40 minutes
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Amani McCockran
Always a pleasure. Have genuine people here. Thanks Andy!
Susan M.
I called, they had Chris the tech out in 1/2 an hour and he had the safe open in 15 minutes. He was fast, courteous and helpful. I really appreciate the excellent service. THANK YOU
Jason R.
I had 2 commercial safes that each weighed over 3,000 that I needed to move from a commercial location to a residential location. I tried 4 other movers but they were unwilling or unable to take on the project. I called Security Safe and got in touch with Devon who requested some pics and a little more detail. I was quoted a price of $450 for the first hour and $225 for each additional hour thereafter and that we can have it scheduled a week from our conversation. I accepted it quickly before they changed their minds (since nobody else wanted to do it) and had our time and date set! I figured that it should take right around 1 hour since the distance was only 6.5 miles and there were no stairs involved. Our moving date came and I received a call at the exact time of our scheduled appointment telling me that the guys were on their way. I left to meet them and they showed up slightly after I did. 2 guys jump out of the truck and I'm thinking it might not be enough. One guy is an older, scrawny gentleman who couldn't have been more than 150lbs and the other guy was a younger 20 something kid around 190lbs that looked to be the "muscle" for the move. I start thinking an hour to an hour and a half of charged worked for me ($675, ugh). Little did I know that Gary (the "scrawny" guy) had YEARS of experience moving safes. They unloaded their equipment (2 pallet jacks and a forklft) and proceeded to load each safe onto their moving truck with a minimum of effort and no wasted motion. I watch them tie everything down and tell them that I'll meet them at the drop off location, all the while looking at my watch and timing it all in my head thinking of the final bill. As I wait for them to arrive I can only feel like they're taking their time driving over and they're letting the meter run but they actually arrived just a few minutes after me. I told them the exact placement of both safes and they easily unloaded and placed them perfectly. To my surprise Gary and his partner finished the job in exactly 1 hour! Both gentlemen were very professional and again, wasted very little motion doing their job. I really appreciated the effort that they both put in to make sure that they finished in such a timely manner. If I ever have to move these safes again I know who I will reach out to. Hopefully Gary will still be around and we can have a repeat of this experience...
Terry Andreasen
Staying open late during the holidays makes shopping easier.
Noble J.
Ordered a safe that they had on their website and they charged my CC immediately. A week later they emailed me saying they no longer carried that item. A week wasted and a week that they had my money. VERY POOR SERVICE!!!!!!
Mark S.
My AMSEC safe is more than 10 years old. A problem occurred with the electric lock. This, it turns out, was self-inflected, so please do not think poorly of AMSEC safes. I called the safe company I bought it from and after sending them photos with a description of the problem, they recommended Security Safe. Security Safe was very responsive, calling me back within a few minutes after my phone call and sending photos. They arranged for a repairman to come out the next day "in the afternoon." The repairman, Chris, called me at about 11am, asked if he could come over "now," said he would arrive within 30 minutes and he arrived in 20 minutes. A wire was broken from the battery to the locking mechanism. Although he offered to repair the wire, I asked about other options as we have a second AMSEC safe purchased just 2 years ago and I like that lock better. Chris explained that the safe needing repair could not accept the other type of lock, but he did give me 2 other options, recommending the less expensive of the two. I opted to go with his recommendation. Chris finished the installation, explanation of how the lock works, and all the billing paperwork, and left by 11:50 AM. I was very pleased with the prompt response of each person I interacted with at Security Safe, and their professionalism. It could not have been better!
andrew a.
Friendly service throughout the staff. Daniel was my sales associate who showed me a variety of safes based on what I was looking for. Daniel gave me a great deal with excellent service. I definitely recommend Daniel to all my friends and family!
Trevar M.
Daniel was super helpful and honest. Great experience. I'll certainly do business with Security Safe again when the need arises.
Crystal R.
Security Safe sells defective products and doesn't cover them under warranty. We purchased a high end commercial TRTL30x6 with Safe Wizard lock. In less than a year, both the lock and handle on the safe failed. Security Safe refused to cover either issue under its alleged 1 yr warranty. We had to pay emergency repair charges to another locksmith for the handle when it failed before a busy weekend and Security Safe didn't pick up their phone or provide emergency contact info. When offered a chance to make it right, Gary - the owner - told us that he didn't see anything wrong with their approach and he was fine to forego our future business. Of the 5 star reviews below, we know that one was written by an employee so I'm not sure the rest can be trusted.
Michael R.
What a quality place this is. I'm into security and needed a high quality safe that would fit in a tight spot. These guys hooked me up with one from American Security that I just love. The tricky part was the delivery since it had to go down a set of stairs. But the guys brought a motorized dolly, got it set in place and then bolted it to the floor. There were a couple of disconnects that we ultimately worked out. So, overall, a very good experience. I've also recommended this place to my father-in-law who is shopping for a safe. Good price, quality products and excellent delivery and installation.
Derek L.
We bought a use safe and the price we paid for what we got was the best deal out there. The delivery team was excellent. They took there time and was very professional. They did not touch a wall or even a door. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a safe.
K O.
I just purchased an AMSEC home safe from them at a price lower than what I found online. Plus their delivery service is stop notch. Both the Asian fellow and his Mexican partner were excellent, going the extra mile to make sure it was securely installed just right, at a price almost half that of white glove delivery by the online stores. I highly recommend this business. The quality of safes they sell is much better than that from Costco or the other big box stores. YouTube Sentry Safe break in.
I went to buy a safe and their salesman Tom was of no help. I explained several times I wanted a small safe for some personal items and he kept trying to sell me a huge 500 pound $1,500+ safe. No matter what I said, he kept saying that all his small safes were junk and that I had to buy a big one. He also said, and I quote "Safe technology hasn't changed in 300 years." - I guess they had electronic safes with push-buttons back in the 1700's. He basically talked me out of buying anything from him. Overall, it was an odd experience and I went over to Oakland and found a nice safe for about $800.00 by AMSEC which has a great reputation for quality.
Casey L.
We called them to replace a lock. They did an awesome job. They were here on time and with a great attitude. We will definitely call them if we need help again :)
R R.
I came across Security Safe to help install a safe I bought from another company. Their installation team was very patient in helping to quote a price and easy to work with when the date had to be changed because the safe hadn't arrived from the other company. Their office manager was very efficient and prompt in providing a certificate of insurance to show all the insurance coverage they had in case anything went wrong. I had obtained quotes from a few other installers in a 30 mile radius and their's was the most reasonable. The peace of mind from working with this classy team was priceless.
Daniel y.
I went by to purchase a safe and i was surprised to see how may different types of safes they had. They have several different type of gun safes, jewelery safes, and home safes. I was greeted as soon as i walked in and was given a great price on the safe i purchased. They delivered and installed my safe quickly and professionally. I also found out they build vaults in home. I would definitely recommend everyone who is interested in a safe to go by and take a look.
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George’s 24 Hour Lock Service San Leandro, CA

San Leandro, CA 94578
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Dynamic D.
Goodness gracious, after reading Izzue's review, I thought I'd put in a good word for this locksmith. I was in a HUGE bind and they came to my rescue within two hours. I recently purchased a home and accidentally broke the door. Not only did they repair the door itself, they secured the door knob and the bolt as well. Great customer service!
Cole E.
Quick, professional, family business! George is pretty great, gave me a fair price for an after-hours lockout ($60), and has been smithing for over 40 years! He arrived quickly and he and his son had the door open in no time! I don't think they are great at advertising...so definitely support these local dudes if you can! PS - Their new phone number is 510-821-7321.
Jes S.
I was locked out of the house and started calling locksmiths from the phone book. Most of the companies with big ads were too busy or too expensive. One company would not even tell me their price over the phone and wouldn't be there for an hour, they said they would call, so I kept calling other locksmiths. We called George, he arrive same time as the other locksmith, the other guys were late & also tried to tell me it cost more because it was after 5 (we called them at 4). I went with George, he was inexpensive $50 to open the lock. He got there in 15 minutes, did not have a different rate based on the time of day. We called George again when we locked ourselves out of our new place while moving, he unlocked the screen door & showed me how to break the glass in the small window pane of the wood door when we realized that the door only unlocked from the inside. Once in the empty house he made sure it was really our place- we showed him the keys opened the door. He's a friendly & decent guy, we talked about how he used to live in the same neighborhood. Five stars for no hassle, fast arrival, working around problems, affordable, & professional. I highly recommend him.
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Steve’s Lock & Key Redwood City, CA

Redwood City, CA 94063
200020 years in business
Additional number: (408) 298-8678
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Barbara F.
Steve was able to unlock my antique roll top desk, when other locksmith could not. I am very happy and give him the highest recommendation!
Mark M.
Good locksmith, works hard , on time, on budget and has a great knowledge of locks and door systems.
David S.
Steve is a great locksmith, always been there for me when I needed him. Hard to find service like that these days.
Beth N.
If I could give 10 stars, I would. Steve is the definition of great customer service. Our front door lock/handle was broken. I contacted Steve, he responded quickly, he came when he said he would and put in our new locking mechanism quickly and painlessly! On top of it all, he is incredibly nice and easy to deal with! I would highly recommend Steve's Lock & Key!
Anna B.
I've been using Steve's Lock & Key for about a year now. I can't say enough good things!! Steve is prompt, curteous, and so very helpful. He has helped our small business grow, and we couldn't be more greatful!
Craig C.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I give more than 5 stars? I mean the job that was done by Steve's Lock & Key was beyond fabulous, worth more than 5 stars!!! The service was beyond amazing. I can tell Steve is very trustworthy man. He is good at what he does!!!!! I expected a really high invoice for the jobs I gave him and when I seen the invoice I was shocked to see such a decent amount. I had him service my home, my front door that I decided to fix myself many many years ago, yeah I screwed it up more than fixing it. So I called Steve, and guess what he game to the rescue!!!! He fixed it now the door shuts perfectly. So, than I needed new locks installed in my new office. Hmmm who should i call, I thought to myself?! Oh I know Steve's Lock & Key. He came out in very mannered time. He installed 4 locks on my new office and made me copies of keys. Amazing company, fabulous work, affordable prices, trustworthy man, well mannered, great customer service, all around an amazing company.
Barton C.
I needed to get into a cheap safe with a tubular key cylinder for the override since the batteries died before I could replace them (yes I am stupid). I mailed Steve a couple of pictures of the safe and locking mechanism/keypad and he said he didn't recognize it and that he would need to pick it. This is what I expected. I checked with another locksmith who was also helpful over email but the difference is that Steve just so happens to live near me so he offered to stop by on the way home one day and open it up. As a result of the convenience for him he gave me a huge break on the price compared to the competition. He was about 60% less....This was something that he offered up under his own volition! Steve showed up on time, was friendly, knowledgeable, skilled, and quickly accessed the safe. While he was there we discussed an unrelated topic concerning electronic deadbolts. He gave me his professional opinion and some options I wasn't aware of which was extremely helpful. A great experience. I would highly recommend calling Steve if you need an onsite locksmith.
Michelle K.
Steve's services were excellent. We had just moved into our new home and we were handed a string of random keys. I had looked at them and said some choice words. AND, I couldn't even use the keys to open any of the f@&$ing doors!! Steve came, on time, examined all the locks around the property, said he could get me one key for all the doors of the house! He conditioned the locks, he made the keys and I no longer needed to use profanities to get inside!!
Laura O.
Steve re-keyed 2 doors for me and made copies on site. He was friendly, responsive, professional, and reasonable. Couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks Steve!
John D.
Steve always provides excellent, prompt service. Great guy to deal with, highly recommend!
Sylvi R.
Steve came out the same day and repaired our front entry lock. It works very well now and we can stay safe! Very professional! I would highly recommend him!
Mia B.
Awesome - I highly recommend Steve. I needed a replacement key for a lock, and he took care of my problem professionally and quickly. I work in real estate and plan on hiring Steve again when I need help with keys/locks!
Ms B.
Steve is great. I called him at the end of the day and he called me right back. He had just arrived at his home but told me he would be right here to do the job. He was here in less than what he said and not only rekeyed the locks (2) he made 6 keys for me at less that I could ever pay for a key. He was fast, kept to his quote and oiled the locks as a bonus! No nonsense guy, hard working and honest. I wrote to that Devin A from Los Angeles because he put a bad comment under the wrong Company. Steve works solo and not in LA, And once you use Steve it is obvious that his level of integrity will keep business coming and a miss placed bad comment should be removed from Steves perfect score.
Nicky G.
Steve was recommended to me by a friend who recently changed locks in his house (5 of them ) and was very happy with his work. Steve returned my call promptly, made time for me the next day and did a great job really fast. I needed my front door lock changed, he did a good job. He was fast and gave me 5 new keys. His price is reasonable. I highly recommend Steve.
Devin A.
The rudest company ever. When I moved in my home, I called them to rekey. They upsold me "the best lock" on the market. They were apparently supposed to give me a card with it, which is the only way I can get new keys made. Only they didn't (and I'm POSITIVE) since I keep EVERYTHING! I even had the original calendar appointment from 2009. And I have ever bit of paperwork from my house in one file. I never even knew you needed a card...so couldn't possibly "misplace" something that I didn't know existed. Also, the lock didn't fit properly and the service man was rude. After realizing I couldn't get keys made (even though I'm the owner of the home) without them or going directly to the manufacturer and paying a huge fee there to, I called. Dave was extremely rude insisting that the service person gave me a card (he wasn't there). Then he starts telling me that I tipped the technician $10 and forgot that so I must have forgotten. The lock cost $242. He basically told me I was lying. Don't do business with them. SCAMMERS!!!
B D.
I was moving back to my house after renting it out for a couple of years. I called Steve, and he was very easy to talk with to make an appointment. He arrived on time, handled everything smoothly, and provided great service. I had two different keys (on 5 cylinders) that I wanted to re-key. He made a really convenient master key that worked for both, and side entry key that would only work for the side door. He was able to even tag some of the keys with "DO NOT DUPLICATE". I am very happy with his service and my keys/doors/locks now. Thank you Steve!
Cecilie H.
I called Steve with a "sticky lock" issue that had been looked at by another locksmith a year ago, but not really fixed. The door got so stuck that I tried Steve, who was recommended by yet another locksmith out on medical leave. Steve found two problems, the door was coming loose from its mountings in the frame, and, the internal lock mechanism was dry. Steve essentially rehung the door and lubed the lock mechanism. Opening, closing and locking the door is a joy again after living with creaking and scraping. Steve does great work and provides good customer service.
Jarrett T.
Steve is a honest guy who does an honest job. I had lost a set of keys for a door lock and deadbolt. He came out and made me a new set of keys in no time. Professional, courteous and friendly.
Sharon L.
Steve is very good and fast. He comes to your house, fixed the lock and give you 2 mail box keys in 15 mins. And does a great job and the best prices. No BS for sure.
Max R.
Steve provides fast and professional service and he goes above the call of duty. I recently used Steve when I was locked out and I was very pleased at the level of service. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a locksmith.
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A Acme Mobile Locksmith San Carlos, CA

1260 Spring St
San Carlos, CA 94070
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J. R.
Left messages, no return calls. Disappointed.
Hector F.
Quick same service locksmith in redwood city. They are insured and bonded so I am not apprehensive to use them or recommend them.
Tigger M.
I've called twice about a job at my home, but no return calls. Perplexing business model.
Gary S.
I wanted to try this company for a mobile locksmith because their Yelp reviews looked so good, but after two days of trying to call them and reaching nothing but voicemail and a message saying their mailbox is full, I'm moving on.
Erick T.
I cannot say enough awesome things about Frank and Carolyn. Carolyn managed the phones, and was remarkably helpful in answering all my questions about getting the locks on my new home rekeyed. Frank then came out and was super professional, and did a wonderful job. Best of all, they offered some of the most competitive pricing of all the Bay Area locksmiths that I spoke with. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience, and would highly recommend Acme to anyone with locksmithing needs.
Steve J.
WOW! I couldn't be more satisfied. After reluctantly discharging a housekeeper, I needed a quick re-key on the front door just to cover all bases, and called them at 1:30 pm. Left a message, and they were back to me within 5 minutes. Having a tight schedule, I wasn't available the times they proposed. Almost embarrassed, I said, "How about this afternoon?" A quick check with her guy in the field, she confirmed, and Frank showed up 30 minutes later! Pleasant, fast, courteous; this is service as it should be. And the cost was fair, and unexpectedly low. They're now in my contact file, the only locksmith.
Sheila C.
Absolutely perfect experience! Scheduling was a breeze and appointment went flawlessly. Not only was he kind and courteous (taking off his shoes upon entering the house even though I assured him he didn't have to), he did a fantastic and thorough job for a great price.
M S.
Yelp really works!!! We found A Acme Mobile Locksmith and chose to use them because of all the great reviews on Yelp. We were not disappointed. We were able to get an appointment very quickly as well. Frank was great! He was on time and completed our job skillfully. We are very pleased and highly recommend Frank and A Acme Mobile Locksmith!
Matthew B.
Can't say enough about Frank. Excellent locksmith, very nice guy, fast, and really reasonably priced. We won't be using or recommending anyone else!
Erin S.
I locked myself out of my condo at 4:45am and called Frank who arrived within 30 minutes and opened the lock in under 5 minutes. Not only was he friendly and efficient, he charges way less ($65) than other locksmiths who quoted me as high as $300! Thank you Frank for saving my morning!
Todd Z.
Excellent service - professional, honest, trustworthy. He arrived a few minutes early, fixed the problem with my lock in no time, and even told me how to fix it myself if it ever happens again. This is your guy.
Lorraine E.
Highly recommend Frank for all your locksmith needs. Yelp reviews are right on, he arrives early, offers to remove his shoes inside the home, and is quick and efficient. We had him rekey all the locks in the home and make new keys for everyone. Prices were more than fair. Even when we could not find one of the keys, Frank was able to do the job without any problem. Professional, efficient and fair, this company has it all. Easy to make an appointment, we were able to find a time that worked the very next day.
Denise L.
Frank was wonderful to work with and we will definitely call him with future requests! Our experience was in line with what other Yelpers have said, but still worth mentioning: - Came 5 minutes early, with everything in hand. - Took off his shoes without us having to ask, which is great since we recently redid our hardwood floors. - Required minimal direction and incredibly knowledgeable about our lock systems. - Very considerate and efficient. - Reasonable prices.
Mariko H.
I totally recommend A Acme Mobile Locksmith to anyone who needs locksmith. This is my 3rd time to have Frank come over to my house over 4 years. I still love his service and I'm feeling good that I know who to get when I have any lock problems/needs!!! This time was to replace a door knob & a dead bolt, and re-key the door knob for the remodeling. He did a great job in a short time. He is still the same guy after 4 years who - is very professional with great skills - is very polite and mild-mannered - gives honest opinions - comes always on time or even earlier than the scheduled time - takes his shoes off to go into the house without me, asking him - educates customers - has a very reasonable price
Eric B.
Frank is a wonderful professional. On time, fast, and thorough. I've used Acme Mobile Locksmith several times already and will continue to use them exclusively for all my future needs!
Ryan C.
I rarely do Yelp reviews, but I must say Frank is amazing. My lock was dysfunctional and Frank was on time to check it out. Needless to say, the lock was back in place and working again! He is very detailed and explains what he is doing so you aren't out of the loop. He also took off his shoes before coming into my house which shows how much he respects his costumers. Everything he did was very thorough and quick. I have never seen a locksmith work so efficiently. Not only was he the best locksmith I've come across, but his pricing was more than fair. I definitely recommend Frank to anyone who needs a locksmith! There is a reason he's 5 stars all the way!
Ben Y.
Let me just say this: If more businesses are run by people like Frank/Acme, then the world will be a better place. Really, I'm actually feeling guilty that I waited this long to give Frank a well-deserved 5-star review! A couple of months ago, I lost my mailbox key and had to have the lock replaced. I found Frank on Yelp like all other people here and made my call. Frank was very precise and courteous when scheduling my appointment. He did not give me a "window" of time that he would show up--he said 8:15am the next day, and he knocked on my door at 8:15am the next day. Frank said it would take 15 minutes and he came back with new keys before I could finish cooking my breakfast. He even offered me $10 discount! I was absolutely dumbfounded by the quality and speed of his service and I have been referring him to every one I know who needs a locksmith in the area Seriously, if you are in this annoying situation of having to get your lock replaced, Frank is your guy and he makes the process like a breeze.
Jennifer L.
Thank you, Yelpers! You got this 5 star average so, so right! Frank was quick, professional, courteous, reasonably-priced, capable, and completely reliable. He saved me a lot of money compared to another Yelp-recommended locksmith. It seems like it should be stressful changing locks, but he took the stress out of the process. And he likes dogs. Easiest 5 stars ever!
Anthony A.
Frank is the man for all your locksmith needs! I used him when I needed to change all my locks at my place. He was so prompt that he showed up 10 minutes before my appointment at the top of my doorstep, with tools in hand ready to go. Now that's what I call great customer service! Frank was really nice and courteous. He realigned my door since there was a small gap, gave me a discount since I was a first-time customer, and even made extra spare keys for me for free. What a deal! I highly recommend Acme and will definitely call Frank in the future. Also, I wouldn't have found him if it weren't for all the wonderful reviews here on yelp. Thank you!
A F.
I used Acme to rekey my entire house - seven handles and seven dead bolts. I had no keys for any of them, so they all required picking and re-keying. I called three places and Acme was the cheapest by about three times! Other places were ~$60-70 service fee, ~$20-30 per lock to pick, and ~$20-30 per lock to re-key. Acme was $45 service fee and $10 per lock. He didn't charge me for the keys or any of the little extra pieces he needed to put in, like custom pins! He fit me in his schedule quickly, and stayed over three hours to get the job done right! I was really impressed with Frank's work and price, so I wanted to review positively.
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1st American Locksmith Hayward, CA

29843 Clearbrook Cir
Hayward, CA 94544
201010 years in business
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