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AA Rodas Locksmith San Leandro, CA

1199 Louise St
San Leandro, CA 94578
199920 years in business
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Monday 8:00 AM-2:00 AM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-2:00 AM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-2:00 AM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-2:00 AM
Thursday 8:00 AM-2:00 AM
Friday 8:00 AM-2:00 AM
Saturday 8:00 AM-2:00 AM
Sunday 8:00 AM-2:00 AM
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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Ajene W.
Locked my keys in the car and haven't gotten a spare yet so that sucked. All the places I called would take over and hour and I called here and Jerry got here in 45 which was great and he was super pleasant and helpful. They're affordable too so that was a plus.
Jake B.
If you are looking for an honest, reliable locksmith, Jerry is your man. We had an issue with a faulty Honda Civic key and starter (apparently it is a known issue) and Jerry came to us in a manner of an hour or two to re-cut us a new key which solved the issue. A few months later we had a similar issue and noticed that our key's chip had come out of its casing so we called Jerry again. He came over to our house and fixed the key for no additional charge. A respectable businessman who knows his trade. Thanks Jerry!
Jade W.
I would definitely recommend this business! Recently, my car key broke off from the fob in the ignition while I was trying to remove it, so all I've been using is the spare key. I still wanted a backup option in case of another future situation so I looked up this place on yelp & called to get an estimate. The response time was extremely quick, the copy of my key was cut & programmed to sync with my car very quick, and I even got door to door service all at a fair price that was way cheaper than what I would have spent going through the dealership!
Shem Mei M.
They always answer phone calls! I requested Jerry's service on a weekday morning and he came asap to program our car remote. I'm curious on how keys are made so he explained as he was working... so nice of him. He got in a little snag because the keys we bought online had the wrong chip but he was able to work around it. Within the hour I have a remote and went on with my day! Great service for locksmith anytime or any day.
Mr. Fox E.
Yesterday, I dropped my truck off and had to separated my house and car keys. When I got the keys back, I didn't re-attach them. Later, I left the house with only my car keys and my cell; and had locked the doors. What to do? YELP "Locksmith". After getting either no answer or a recording from the first three companies I called, I reached AA Rodas Locksmith. This was at 10pm. Not only were they available, but the guy was efficient. After giving him the address, within 5 minutes he sent me an ETA via text and was on time. He got the doors open within 3 minutes. He also asked for my ID and a utility bill to prove I lived here. Me and my buddy were impressed by every aspect of the service. I'm just mad that I can't remember if it was William or Jerry but he was professional and a good guy!. I'd recommend this company to anyone in need of a locksmith!
Shaun W.
Jerry was fantastic. Very responsive and great to deal with. We had lost our only key to our car and he was quick and prompt and gave us a very fair price (cheaper than the dealership). Given the situation, he made it A LOT better! Highly recommend.
Steven S.
AA Rodas to the rescue!! I lost my car keys at 11 PM and found this place on yelp. Gave them a call and next thing I knew Jerry was on his way to make me a new copy! He made the key for me in less than 25 minutes and had me on my way! I'd recommend this place to everyone!! Thank you Jerry for saving my 4th of July weekend!
Marsha A.
Quick response and professional! Saved me when I was stuck, locked out, with the keys in the car. Thank you for doing what you do and in a timely manner. I have spread the word about this guy! Awesome service and will call Jerry again if needed!
Estella P.
Had the best experience with Jerry. He was very professional and quick to respond. I lost my car keys and the Chevy Dealership couldn't get me in until 4 days later. Called him and he made me a spare key and programed my car within an hour. If you ever loss your key fob, he's the one to call. Thanks again Jerry.
Kenny H.
Literally got amazing help with my Nissan Sentra 2015. I got on the phone with Gerry and it didn't take him long to get here. He was very nice and diligent with his work. He helped programmed two remotes and cut two keys. Super fast work with a really good deal. What else can you ask for? I'm coming back again if I ever need anything else.
Jennifer L.
I dropped my car key into the bay... so I called Jerry on a Sunday he came in 45 min. Open my car and made me a brand new key in less than 45min. He was very flexible on the price. Glad he was there to save me or else I wouldn't have a car to take my kids to school.
David R.
Called last week and got a price to cut keys and program 2 remotes for my wife's car. I called last Monday and left a message wanting to set an appointment. No return call. Called Wednesday and spoke with someone and set up an appointment for today, Friday, at 10am. No show. Called at 10:30 and left a message, and again at 11:00. Finally called at noon and left a message canceling the call. Totally unprofessional.
James L.
Fast the Quick. Made a spare Smart proximity key for 2015 CR-V. Jerry cut and programmed the key (that I bought from Ebay) at half the price the car dealers charge.
Angelina O.
Thank you Jerry! I am big on Yelp... So here's the story I broke my key to my car inside of my ignition I called around all weekend and nobody could help me make a key I went to Home Depot and the scanner did not work so I called AA Rodas locksmith I called them this morning at 8:30 he said give them an hour and he would be there he got here at 9:30 my key was made in 10 minutes I'm so happy and so grateful because I was going to have to pay close to $300 and he did this for me under 100 bucks I would recommend all of my friends and family and anyone thank you Jerry
Steve O.
So far I've used Jerry twice to program and cut two blank keys for my Nissan Rogue. Most people I talk to would not even consider doing the job since I bought Mikey from a third party, I guess there rolling in the dough and they don't need my business. Both times he came to my house and was on time. He did the job very quickly while I waited with my daughter. He beat the price of other quotes I got and even knocked a couple dollars off for paying with cash. Very professional and a nice soft spoken guy. I would definitely use him again
Kerry G.
Jerry of AA Rodas Locksmith reprogrammed my automobile key fob quickly, efficiently and with professionalism and courtesy. I would certainly use him again if I needed a locksmith's services. Good service,
Simran ..
I couldn't find the keys to my 08 Infiniti G37s coupe and i called Jerry around 8 P.M., he came by within an hour and reprogrammed a new key fob to work with my car, fantastic service I would do business with them again in the future
Foody M.
Although Jerry was a little hard to understand on the phone, we arranged a meeting and he arrived on time. His colorful little van was easy to spot and well appointed inside. I could tell he was well-prepared for whatever was called for. He was friendly and courteous, but got right to work with assured skill. Within 10 minutes he had deftly cut a copy of the Lexus blank I had brought with me and went straight to setting up my transponder, which he finished in another 10 minutes. Jerry is obviously experienced and sharp. I was delighted to pay him a very fair price for the excellent work he performed. I highly recommend AA Rodas Locksmith.
Quan H.
Jerry helped me make my honda accord 2005 key. Great guy, good customer service, and real good price. Dealer charged me way more two times more compare to them. I highly recommend it.
Harry C.
I was locked out of my house and they were a pro in getting me back in. Offered the best price relative to others for my emergency!
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Centerville Locksmith Newark, CA

37300 Cedar Blvd
Newark, CA 94560
195663 years in business
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Fax: (510) 793-0819
Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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Gomathi R.
I contacted this locksmith per my car mechanic's recommendation and these guys are absolutely fabulous. Their price point is very fair and they have excellent service and got my spare keys done very quickly. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Carlos A. G.
Don't get keys done often but if I need another set I will go back, friendly people fast service and very reasonable prices.
Noah N.
The guy in the van was very professional and friendly. He helped me with two keys for my GMC. It saves me a lot of money avoiding going over to the dealership. I highly recommend their service. Thumbs up!
B H.
I had a new hole drilled and a touch keypad deadbolt installed in my front door. Paul was on time, respectful, pleasant and efficient with his work. The deadbolt worked smoothly. He made sure I knew how to use it. He also cleaned up afterwards. Prices are reasonable. I liked the results of his job. Paul looks like he knew what he was doing, and I felt confident in his work. I would ask for Paul again.
Roscoe B.
I have been trying to get a replacement key for my Harley Davidson for months. It's hard to find a locksmith with the correct machine to cut these tube / barrel keys for my motorcycle. Finally came across Centerville Locksmith and was very happy with the service. Walked in and was happy to hear they do cut the barrel keys. If you're looking for replacement Harley keys, you already know how much the dealer is charging. The guys here cut me two keys for less than a quarter tank of gas! I was in and out of the shop in less than 5 minutes.
Dianne D.
I am Very impressed with this team. Very responsive. Honest. Brainstormed ideas. I highly recommend. Thank You!!
Maria H.
Very professional and friendly; competitively priced. He arrived and knew exactly how to fix the problem. Because it was such a simple problem he even took the time to test my house keys to make sure they were working smoothly and asked if there were any other locks to look at. He even showed me how to remove the housing in case I needed to adjust in the future. I only gave a four-star rating because I'd left a message before they opened and had to call back. They hadn't listened to the message yet thought it was some time after they'd been open. Also I was given a time window and at the end of the time window I called to get an ETA - they arrive within 10 min after the window. Not terrible but I had a schedule. I would absolutely use this service again if needed and recommend them to anyone.
Raj S.
Went in for a quick key copy, got out in no time and job well done :). Would be awesome if they can put out a business sign outside, was hard to find this place at first.
Silver R.
Not really helpful. Went there to get my car remote duplicated and they said it is an after-market thing and they could not help me. What does that mean. You advertise that you can fix almost all car remotes and then you say that to me, WTH??!!
Glenn G.
Trustworthy Neighborhood Locksmith!! I decided to add a second deadbolt for convenience and security purposes with our house cleaners, which gives them access to entering our home while away and a sense of peace knowing they don't have full access to our home. So, I decided to go with a local neighborhood business to support the community. When I initially called, they were upbeat and knowledgeable after holding for a sec. They had a very interesting hold song btw that made me realize these guys are probably old school and know what they're doing. Luckily, they were able to set up an appointment with a few days notice as well. On the day of the appointment, Paul was nice enough to offer an earlier time and was there at the time agreed upon. When he introduced himself he was very courteous and professional. He was purposely clear on communicating what was going to be done and even confirmed if I was alright with the placement/location of the new lock for aesthetic purposes. He was done in less than an hour and cleaned up all of the dust after the drilling/sawing. He was even generous enough to add longer "kick-proof" screws on all of my locks without asking. He was quite personable as well since he noticed I was listening to Guns and Roses while he was installing the lock and we chopped it up a bit about 90's rock and concerts hahaha. On a separate note, I called back to commend Paul on his service since it's not as common these days and asked if they can remake car keys and remotes for cars, which they do. Dylan was not only knowledgeable and knew his stuff, but he even gave a hot tip on buying the remote from Amazon to save money and time. These guys are looking out for their customers and it truly shows. Def some cool dudes and business in my book!! P.S. If you haven't already, save them in your contacts or bookmark them on Yelp!!
Manoj F.
I had one working master key for my Toyota Corolla 2014. I also had 2 uncut keys which needed to be programmed and cut. Centerville Locksmith team was quick and helpful. They charged reasonably as compared to other locksmiths and their service & workmanship was up to the mark. I will definitely give Centerville any future business (and references) since they are dependable, they provide good quality workmanship and they charge reasonably.
Desi J.
Horrible service. I lost my Kawasaki key, I ordered new blank key from dealership and waited for 3 weeks for it to arrive. Took it to Centerville and the guy made the key wrong way. It didn't worked and wasted my $40 blank key. Had to wait another 3 weeks and got it done from Parker Security & Locksmith Service.
Linda H.
The staff here are very professional and courteous. Someone vandalized my parents car by jacking the driver front door keyhole. When I called they walked me through all my options. They suggested I come in to have them take a look at the car. They ended up replacing the lock for us and grinding us a new key as our original key was worn out.
Raymond L.
Have them cut my key for my Lexus SUV and I am very happy with the result. Their customer service was good and their price was good. The other option for me is to ask the car dealer to do it but I feel it would cost a lot more. I am glad to have such a locksmiths store not too far away from where I live :-)
Andrew L.
Awesome job on getting key made from vehicle manufacturer code. Great set of guys with most excellent service. Just remember, if you have a key cut from a code, it has to work itself in and the wonderful people at Centerville will smooth the cuts so that it works perfectly!
Matt A.
Gave me phone advice to fix my front door. Cost me $4 for a drill bit to get it done myself. It was a simple fix I just couldn't figure out on my own. I really appreciated their advice and they let me know they could come out if I couldn't fix it.
Dan N.
I needed a spare key for my 2008 Lexus RX350, Called this place and they say they have the key with cut and program for $180 plus tax, that save me over $100 compare to Lexus Dealerships. So I stopped by and get it done in less than 30min. He spent extra time try to program the key I got from EBay and it didn't work. If you lost your key and need a new key for newer car, save time and headache go straight to this place. I would go back if I ever need car key.
Johnny P.
Eric was excellent! Very professional, efficient, and fast. Dealership wanted $177 for cutting and programming the key and needed an appointment, plus an extra day to send the key out to be cut. I just drove up to Centerville Locksmith and Eric was able to cut and program a new 2013 Prius key fob in approximately 20 minutes. In the end, he only charged me $75. Can't say enough good things about them. Very host and professional.
Wilbert N.
Came in to get my spare 2002 Lexus IS300 blank key cut because my old key snapped awhile back. $20 for cutting and I was very happy with the results. I would comeback and make business with them again if I had too. Definitely recommend to other people to come here.
Yuk S.
I give them a call to see if they are able to cut my spare lexus key. They said they are able to and will cut it for 20 dollars. I call around different store and see that this was the cheapest and closest to my house. I decided that i would have my key cut here. I came here on a Wednesday morning. It was not busy so I got helped right away. They took my key to the back to make copy. . 5 minutes later. and 20 dollars less, I was out the door with my brand new spare key. 20 dollars just for cutting the key as I already have my own key. Can not complain. Way cheaper than dealership for cutting the key and did it really fast. I would recommended this place for people looking to cut their key. Of course, I went home and try the key and it work. Thanks!
These guys are the best! Knowledgeable, friendly. From keys to sharpening to equipment. Needed a key for an antique desk. These guys had it. Their key wall is amazing.
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Foothill Locksmiths Hayward, CA

595 E Lewelling Blvd
Hayward, CA 94541
195663 years in business
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Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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Martin M.
I wanted to have duplicate keys with remote-control heads made for my car. Duplicating these special car keys is not simple -- or cheap -- these days, but Dustin understood everything about the process and answered my detailed questions about this new key technology and the two options for the keys. He made one and ordered another of the special head blanks because I wanted two copies. When the second head blank came in, he phoned me back two days later, as he had promised. The cost of the keys was one-third less than the car dealer's charge. I was entirely satisfied with these transactions. I have used Foothill Locksmiths before for special keys, and they have always been able to deal with whatever the situation required.
Diana C.
I thought I was going to have to update my knob and lock for my 1938 door. I mean this puppy is super old and the internal stick things died. But Blaine Cucas fixed it right up and I got to keep the original knob and lock! I am one happy customer for life!
Sean S.
This is a good group of people. We'd lost all of the keys to one of our cars and needed help. They had us bring in the glove box lock so they could look up the key code. Of course this car doesn't have key codes on it so he manually checked the pins and then looked up how many combinations were available. He found only one match, it worked on the glove box lock, and he told me he'd replace the key if it didn't work I should just bring in one of the whole locks. He was clear, friendly, and helpful. The price was fair and the location is easy to find. I know where we're going the next time we need anything to do with locks.
Dominique B.
I came in yesterday with an issue that couldn't be resolved at the hardware store. I recently moved my business to another location and the building is old, with old door knobs. The door to my room has no key and from what I was told at the hardware store I would have to drill new holes, etc. I just needed a lock on my door, keep things simple. I was advised that this place would have a resolution. I came in with the door knob and door latch, all the parts. I was given a new knob with a key. The new knob and key didnt work out but Justin was able to pop the lock and make a key. They were very helpful throughout the whole process
Pat C.
We were burglarized two days before a cruise. Foothill Locksmiths rekeyed our house completely before we had to leave. After three failed attempts by another place, Foothill made a key for bowling locker first try. They are the best.
william s.
The need for a local quality locksmith to assist me in the completion of projects @ work often comes up. This establishment is/does just that for me. The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. They are very patient in explaining complex security, lock, and key issues in easy-to-understand & comprehend concepts. They have several times resolved a non-performing lock issue for free. Yes....for FREE. The security issues that I often deal in, they are very familiar with. Heavy-duty security measures to guard against the 'bad guys' and 'low-lifes' running amuck out there. The staff at Foothill Lock have been very helpful in reprogramming my new key-less entry computer-chipped vehicle fobs for a reasonable sum too. I have been very satisfied with the service and honest advice that they dispense. I trust them wholeheartedly. BTW: The keys that they cut will come out perfectly. A sign of a quality security shop.
Michael I.
If you need any locks changed, this is a great place to start. They are very responsive to your requests and at a fair price. Ask for Katelyn!
Vladimir B.
I went it to their store to get a key made for my car. When I got home I came to find out that the key did not work for that lock. On the reciept I was given it had said that there was a no return policy for code keys and/or electronic keys. The one they had made for me was simply a metal key and when I tried to call them back to go over refund options they were unwilling to give me any sort of refund whatsoever. So now I have to go pay more money out of pocket to have another locksmith come to me and do the job correctly. I will definetely not be returning and I strongly dont recommend attending this place as customer service is very poor.
Renee S.
I had a fob that needed programming. I went to a locksmith in San Ramon close to work only for convenience. The guy there could not get it to program. I decided to go to Foothill as it's closer to home & Lou is the guy that helped me. Thanks to Lou, I now have a remote to lock/unlock my car. You don't know know inconvenient it is, until you are without.. Thanks Lou!
joe l.
This is regarding motorcycle keys. I bought a used lockable motorcycle top case without a key. The lid was closed during shipping despite seller's attempt of keeping it it open. Guys at Foothill Locks were able to open it in 10 min and the charge was very reasonable. I also had them cloned two motorcycle ignition keys. All was done fast and prompt.
Daron C.
Holy crap man some little kid next door stuck a piece of wood in my deadbolt lock on my security door outside. I couldn't stick my key in. I took it to True Value who recommended these guys. In 5 minutes they got the little piece of wood out of my lock. Highly recommend these guys. Super professional and efficient and kind. These guys have my business for life. Nice little clean shop too you can tell these guys are Pros.
M K.
Quick, friendly & reliable. I'll defiantly be back if I ever need future services and will defiantly recommend my clients to utilize their services as well. In and out in 15 minutes!!
Randolph G.
If you have a tricky key you need copied, go to Lou Garza at Foothill Locksmiths. I had a very small Laser cut key and they pulled out an old machine to do it. They got me to "YES" instead of "NO" like all the other places I tried.
Malcolm J.
Absolutely great guys here. Had my motorcycle deleted here perfectly. Then when it was time to upgrade the locks on my house I brought the new locks in. Instead of simply taking my locks and charging me the rekeying fee for all 3, they noticed 2 were keyed the same and saved me a bunch of money! They were able to do it on the spot and quickly while I waited, absolutely great service! Special shout out to Lou for the observant catch here!
Joanne G.
Foothill Locksmiths have been around for decades and they consistently do good work at fair prices.
Trina S.
This business offers great products so that their customers sleep better at night. Katelyn Radtke is an expert and will offer solutions for businesses and residential customers to increase security and peace of mind. I've referred business to this company and will continue to do so.
Wendy L.
They charged $120 for a trip to my site which is the same city. Another $60 for a key fix. All in all, I was charged $180. When I asked about the yelp deal, they didn't honor it either :( I will not use their service again.
Vanni L.
This place was awesome! I had a special key I needed copied. Other places like the big box hardware stores wouldn't carry it. it looks like they carry every type and size key imaginable. It's located in a really random spot on a busy street and has a small parking lot. The parking situation is really really weird. I had to turn around completely to get out.
Peace L.
My life would have been so much easier if had I found this full service honest, professional and great locksmith many many months ago. Do yourself a favor if you need to buy a new lock, install a new lock or duplicate keys, you would be well advised to get help from the team at this shop. You will save yourself lots of frustrations, time and money, even if you are good at DIY projects, by reaching out to the good folks at Foothill Locksmiths. If you need to buy a residential replacement lock system that has been discontinued, this is the shop you want to come to and ask for Felix who can help tract down a new lock system that will closely match your dated (and likely inoperable) lock system. Long story short, I found this locksmith after asking one of my neighbors at The Meridien Court where he got his new lockset. Everyone of my neighbors should come to this locksmith to buy replacement locks for their front doors because the original locks that the Developer installed have been discontinued for decades! I tried to install locks I bought from Home Depot and Lowe's -- I spent days drilling on my 20 plus year old door, to no avail. None of the locks from Home Depot and Lowe's fit, even after I enlarged the existing holes. (Some DIY I am, eh!) So today, Angel (a licensed locksmith) from Foothill Locksmiths came to my house and installed the new lockset (I couldn't do it because the cylinder would not fit.). Angel had to cut out some wood with professional grade tools. Angel installed the lockset perfectly; he's professional, courteous and knows his stuff, just like everyone I dealt with at the shop. Angel made custom face plates and installed them to hide the mistakes I made! Excellent work, Angel! A huge thank you to Felix and Angel! Prices are reasonable. These guys are straight shooters! They gave tons of blank keys to make duplicates.
Eugene L.
When I bought my Whip White Beast from the City Of Santa Cruz it came with only 1 key. So I rolled by Foothill Locksmiths and 10 minutes later. I had 3 sets of spare keys . Good Service ,Fast and Friendly. I paid by Discover Card and rolled out.
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All Locks and Doors Livermore, CA

340 N Livermore Ave
Livermore, CA 94551
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Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-1:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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B R.
Shai, Marko & Erica are an all star team at All Locks & Doors! We have used them for business repairs multiple times and they get the job done quickly and are extremely responsive about appointment times, estimates, etc. They are our go-to when we have issues with our doors and we will continue to refer them in the future!
Stu F.
On time. Easy to work with. Good price. Couldn't ask for much more.
Adina R.
Shai was very friendly and came the same day I called. First he said he could come at the end of the business day but he texted me at 1pm that he could be over by 2pm. He was on time and asked if he should put shoe covers on. He was prepared with the part needed to fix the lock on my glass door. He also checked another doorknob I had a question about and decided to ask him last minute. He was very nice, knowledgeable and informative. I love the great communication.
Mich K.
They were awesome. I had a front door issue, and both gentlemen came super prepared to handle whatever problems my door presented- which were multiple and difficult. The consultation and quote process is streamlined, with receipts and followips through email and text, and they are very responsive by phone. I am very happy with their thorough work.
Nancy K.
Excellent service. The technician Shai was prompt and polite. He explained some unexpected complications to me and finished the job of making a spare car key quickly. They didn't charge very much for the extra work. I liked the fact that they come to you, so you don't have to go to them with your car keys to get them copied.
Benji D.
Would have given zero stars but the option is not available here. Telephoned this company to have a lock repaired promised-someone would be there in a two hour window but they never showed up. Not even a phone call. Don't waste your time with this unreliable company that does not have the basic ability to communicate.
Laura B.
This business is really good. They are quite busy, but responsive to requests, professional, and get the job done correctly. I had the hardware for 4 entrance doors replaced by them - one door required modification to make it work. Shai did a great job, was very pleasant, and committed to getting it done to my satisfaction. Will use them again.
J S.
Even though we were out of their residential service area, the gentleman I spoke with on the phone provided amazing customer service. He let me know straight out that we were not in their service area, and although they would be willing to come out, they would have to charge a significant fee--probably more than we wanted to pay. Honesty like that is important! He also spent several minutes of his time providing me with recommendations of where to look for another company closer to me, and what red flags to watch out for to avoid scams. He was also willing to give me a diagnosis of what he thought our problem was, and let me know that he thought it could be repaired instead of replaced. All of this for someone who he knew was not likely to become a customer. He was clear, professional, trustworthy, honest, and knowledgeable. I just wish he was in my service area so I could have him come fix our door!
Carolynn K.
Shai came out in between other jobs within 1 day of our call, quickly identified what we needed, and made repairs 3 days later. We needed new insulation around our front door and he did a great job for a reasonable price. He communicated with us quickly via text and we are very happy with his work!
H D.
Awesome services. Got what I paid for. Very reliable and friendly guys. They came in the same day and took care of my store doors.
T R.
Okay, this was one of the quickest and most professional jobs ever! A friend was going to leave his credit card to pay for my 4 locks to be changed and the technician went so fast that he did not have to leave his credit card which left me without being able to use his card to pay for my nails later (LOL)!!! I loved how professional the technician was and he made my family feel so safe now that my locks are changed. The price was reasonable for a Sunday morning and I could not pass leaving this review it was much deserved. #getyolocksdone
Yohanna B.
Fast and efficient!!! Technician was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain to me how to operate new lock system. Overall great service.
Nichole M.
Shai is amazing, baller! He busted it out real quick and took the time to explain to me how the key works in the ignition
Dari T.
Shai did fast and good work. He was very professional and understanding of my situation. Same day service.
Blake H.
I received a quote from Shai for a commercial business door repair. He was quick to fit me in last minute at the end of the day. I really appreciated his professionalism and friendly attitude when I met with him! I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need!
John F.
Can't really rate the quality of work. I wish Yelp would let me leave that space empty or NA I called on Wednesday - broken safe, got a return call following Tuesday, "I was out of town" (and the dog ate my homework or hid my cell phone.) On the only call we ever had, he asked me to text a few pictures of the safe, so I did. Ten days later, I called another company, their yellow truck pulled up the following day. David had the Sentry Fire Safe open (drilled) in 20 minutes. He was friendly during the 120 seconds we talked. JF
Jessica L.
I usually don't write things on Yelp. But Marko is such wonderful person and professional. He came to get our new car key in 30 minutes and make us another key. Great service!
Lauren L.
I am extremely happy with my experience getting a car key duplicated from Marko with All Locks And Doors! Marko picked up my call right away and met me in Livermore within an hour. He already had the right sized blank key in stock & was able to duplicate my key in less than 10 minutes. He was very time -efficient, friendly and professional! Marko was able to make a spare key for my Honda for an excellent price. He double checked to make sure it worked & was able to take payment on my debit card. I called several locksmith shops and visited the big stores in Livermore (Orchard, Walmart, Lowes) and none of them could duplicate my 2004 car key because of the type of key it is. All Locks and Doors seems to be the only place to get these ridged/indented keys copied in Livermore quickly & easily! I will definitely call Marko for all locksmith jobs I need!
Kristin R.
Marko was GREAT! We needed our house rekeyed and I called at noon and he was here at 4:00 like I asked. He was extremely nice and did a fabulous job. We'd use his services again and recommend him to our friends.
John G.
An absolute pleasure working with Marco, he came out to my house 20 minutes after my phone call. Did some work on five door locks for me. The price was really good, much cheaper than a lot of other places that we called around, and the quality is great. Marco has a great customer service and he knows he's job very well!!! He gave me lots of great advice on how to make my home more secure... Looking forward to do business with him again in the near future!!!
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O’Neil’s Lock & Key Santa Clara, CA

891 Laurelwood Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95054
198039 years in business
Closed Now
Monday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 39 minutes
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Richard G.
A spare key for a 1997 Honda Accord, how hard can that be? Tried all the usual suspects. When others said no-can-do, experience and expertise prevailed. Thank, Nolan
forrest l.
Went in to get a key programmed for Acura MDX. They could not program the chip in the key. However they were smart enough to remove the chip from the fob and place it in new fob. Great job, and best of all it was $20 for small labor charge.
Carol S.
We had a slight problem with our current keys with our deadbolt lock. After talking to (3) Locksmiths, with Locksmith "A" beginning with letter A, he asked me to take a photo of the lock and send it to him, which I did. He called back and said that he needed to reinstall the lock for $140 or we have the option of obtaining a new lock for another $280. He was talking very fast and english was not fluent. He also tried to instill panic stating that someone can try to kick in the front door and etc. I don't know how he got off on that tangent when we were merely focused on repairing the lock. I called a Diamond Certified Locksmith in Los Altos, it was out of his normal service area. He was so very kind and sweet and he referred me over to O'Neil's Lock and Key and said you won't be disappointed this guy is a straight shooter unlike the person you just talked to stating you need a new lock, I am viewing the same photo you sent to the other locksmith. I called O'Neil and spoke to Nolan and sent him the photo, he says you just need help in the rekey and I can show you how to do this simple procedure. I drove over and he explained it to me and he had me do it in his office using a test lock he has for his customers. He then said this is how you do it, gave me the reset key and I asked him how much? Nolan replied there's no charge we are here to service people. I wanted some extra keys so I purchased 2 keys from Nolan. I highly recommend Nolan for any of our locksmith needs. I am not here to badger another business, but if you message me I will tell which one to stay away from. Thank you Nolan for helping us in our time of need.
Felix L.
Just wanted to reiterate what other Yelpers already stated. Walked in, gave him my mail key, and walked out with two duplicates in less than 5 minutes. I wanted to tip but there was no option to so the very least I can do is give him a positive Yelp review. :)
J J.
My Honda Odyssey's key was broken so I bought a blank key from Amazon and took it to O'Neli's and Nolan cut the blank key in 5 mins and for less than half the price quoted by Honda dealer.
G W.
Awesome service! Walked in, had a key made in 2 minutes and was done! Super easy. Definitely will use this place again if ever needed!
Mansi V.
Got duplicate keys made in 5 minutes at $3 per key. Reasonable price and very prompt service. Highly recommended.
Dave S.
Fast and courteous I highly recommend this locksmith Lock myself out of a building where I was doing TI construction work. Nolan showed up in less than 10 minutes and took him less than five minutes to get me back into my job site. Quick and courteous is a great combination! I will definitely use them again in the future
Horacio H.
Great Place, Great Service, Great Cutters, called to ask them some questions about a car key copy i needed, and they were so helpful and they did a great job
Consumer F.
Wow! Fast and Very Friendly! Highly Recommend Came to have a few keys duplicated during lunch. Was in and out of the store in less than 5 minutes.
Trey N.
This is one of the few "Locksmiths" that have a physical location so that is already a great positive, but they also can drive out to you. Came in and the two staff working were very professional, personable, and helped me with my car key in a fast and affordable price. Tried calling many lock smiths around and this was the best bet. Will surely come again next time! Recommend!
Vinh N.
Came here on 2 separate occasions during store hours and they are closed. Very unreliable and a waste of time. Also, they only have 1 staff and wait is ridiculous. There are plenty of lock smiths around. Avoid this one at all cost.
Howard B.
I took in a destroyed key. Barely together and bent. They carefully cut a new key and even recreated the cuts by hand where the machine couldn't go. The charges were surprisingly low considering the skill level of the craftsmanship. The key worked perfectly. I recommend.
David S.
Outstanding! Professional service and reasonable price. I will definately be doing business them in the future.
Chris L.
If you're local and need spare keys made or copied, go here! Had my car key copied copies in less than 10 minutes and only costed me $5 for a standard copy. The 2 owners who are brother were friendly and chill. Dont waste your time with a mobile service unless you are locked out.
Thomas G.
I needed a key cut from a code for my utility boxes (didn't have the original), Ron did it very quickly and for a much more reasonable price than anyone else! What's most interesting about the reviews here is that only ONE person gave this business a poor grade, and everyone else gave it five stars (with the exception of a woman who only gave it four after raving about the service and price, guess she doesn't believe in giving out five stars . . . .). I think that says pretty much everything you need to know.
Jasmine H.
Fast service, with friendly employee! They have a lot of design keys to select from!! 2 generic key copies in less than 1 min at an affordable cost of $5.50.
Samantha L.
I'm not sure what happened to the guy with a low review, but I gave these guys a try for some commercial locksmithing I needed done after they were recommended to me by the property manager of a huge tech company. Initially I was like: huh, a huge company uses a small family owned locksmith?!?... but after having them out to our offices now I understand. I'm forever going to refer to the owner Ron as "the lock whisperer". Ron came out, assessed what I needed, sent me a written quote that afternoon, ordered the parts, then came out the next day and had it done by lunch time. In the process Ron had provided a number of suggestions to achieve what I wanted at the most reasonable cost, was knowledgable about the relevant fire codes, had to work in a challenging environment and did a great job to top it off with high quality workmanship. I'll unreservedly be calling the lock whisperer again soon.
Rohit B.
Please stay away from them for you security needs. They recently did a lock installation at my place and did a shoddy job. I had called them to install a Schlage electronic door lock. The installer who performed the installation came 20 minutes late. He was not communicated that this job involved replacing the lock itself and not just re-keying the existing lock. And I guess he already had a lot of jobs planned after mine. Instead of rescheduling, he tried to rush through it and I think that caused the problems mentioned below. The installer did not install the reinforcement plate and strike of the new lock and just kept the existing (older) strike plate as-is. As per the manufacturer we must install the included reinforcement plate and strike in order to maintain BHMA Grade 1 status of the lock. Wanting to have a highest-grade lock was the main reason I wanted to change my lock. How could he skip that? Do you want such a person working on your lock? I found this out later when I went through the installation manual and realized that he never changed the strike plate. Also, the installer used power tools to install the deadbolt; this is prohibited by the manufacturer guidelines as it could screw up the electronics inside the lock. Additionally, the deadbolt mechanism was not installed straight. It leans towards the left. What kind of a licensed business hires a person who cannot attach something to the door in a straight line? I have attached the pictures of the installation.
Joy U.
OUR SAVIOR!!! Two words to describe 'em. If you have a unique, customized kind of key and you want to have it replicated, look no further and go to this store. This was the situation we had when a customized iron door was installed in our house. We needed to have copies of the main key and we tried a lot of places to have it replicated. We were told they can't do it because our key was made differently/unique. Only when we went to UPS that a lady referred us to this place. She guaranteed we won't be sorry and it's not a waste of our time...and she was right! When we got there, the guy was fast and efficient in doing the job. He just looked at our key and after a few, we were out of the store and done. We also thought that it might be pricey because other people said that our key was unique but it was about 4 bucks for two keys. Highly recommended.
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Sarco’s Lock Works San Mateo, CA

306 Baldwin Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
198237 years in business
Facebook Google+
Closed Now
Monday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Thursday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Friday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 39 minutes
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Jessica B.
CALL AHEAD BEFORE VISITING!!! I have used them in the past. However, This is a review of their hours of operation. I have visited Sarco's three times in the past six weeks to get some keys copied. Each time I have been, on a weekday, during normal business hours, they have been closed. One time was for a graduation, another time I can't recall, and today I see that they're closed for "summer vacation" for the next few weeks. SO FRUSTRATING! This is not an ad for this business, however each time I have ended up at San Mateo lock works instead where they are super nice and do a great job. I will never, ever waste my time driving to Sarco's again, and if you are in a hurry and set on using their service, I would call ahead to make sure they are open. Otherwise, don't bother. Their priorities are elsewhere.
Brian J.
I've used the guys around the corner for some time. No complaints with them. Have seen Sarco's shop for years in front of Trag's though never when I needed him. Thot I'd give him a try to duplicate my car ignition. He was charming and agreeable from the start. Knowledgeable, patient, moderately-priced. He made double-sure the new key worked for the car, even as I was ready to drive away without checking. As a small businessman, I know how important it is to make a good impression the first time around. Sarco more than succeeded.
Marcine J.
We just hired Sarco for the 2nd time and will always go to him first for anything lock related. He has years of experience and is super nice to work with. Also big props to Sarco for being so patient with my husband, who was seriously geeking out over locks and really enjoyed learning from him. :)
Simon B.
I had my broken Lexus car keys copied here. They suffer from a weak design and break near the base after a few years. After 1 month despite being very careful to hold the key near the base when turning it cracks started to appear in the new key Sarco sold me for $95. After 3 months the new key completely fell apart. I went back to Sarco to ask for it to be replaced, and even offered to pay part of the cost, but Sarco refused to do anything but charge me full price for a new key copy. I expect that his stock of Lexus blanks is cheap Chinese crap, and old, and they break easily, but this is no way to treat a customer.
Brian T.
Mr Sarco could not have been nicer. He showed up on time to our scheduled appointment to re-key the new house we just bought and took care of everything quickly from his mobile vehicle. Super convenient, reasonably priced and the special care you only get from long time, local small businesses these days.
Victor L.
Needed to change out my locks quick. Great service. Reasonable prices. Been there for years. They're surrounded by all these new eateries. Probably a matter of time before rising rents is going to drive them out. Support these small businesses.
Josh G.
Fast and professional when it came to getting a new duplicate key for my Honda CR-V. Very helpful in giving options for a buttonless key or just transferring the transponder fob onto a new blank shell. He also gave suggestions to reduce the chances of having the key break again. Great work and even saved me over $100 in comparison to going to a Honda dealership
Andy C.
Sarco's is friendly and remarkably fast--I've made key copies with him several instances and each time, he completed the task right then and there. His rates are very reasonable as well. Thank you!
Eudora T.
a gem of a small business in downtown San Mateo. excellent service, honest and lovely. Do your research online but come here to get all your door key/lock needs. It is hard to beat a caring, knowledgeable live person who charges reasonably.
Sil P.
Amazing, super fast, pleasant and great customer service. Thank you.
Alexandra D.
Based on my experience 5-star rating for the following: 1) professionalism 2) customer service 3) promptness, accuracy and efficiency of service 4) great selection 5) short service time, I was in and out in less than 10 minutes 6) they are so good, I was recommended by another locksmith! (This last point speaks volumes as to their work)
Van N.
Sarco is very friendly and patient. He will explain things in a gentle manner even if you have many questions. He is very respectful of your time. Sarco asked me to text him pictures of the house doors and locks. He even came out for a free evaluation. You can get the cost in writing. Prices are very reasonable. He will even bring out a binder that will show a range of locks from simple to intricate.
Jane M.
I needed a duplicate key for a closet. A regular hardware store didn't have the template for the key, but Mr. Sarco did, and took care of it immediately.
Lind G.
Needed to make an extra copy of keys that Home Depot couldn't copy. Went in and out in less than 2 minutes.
Ken L.
Very fast, friendly service. Got two keys made in less than 5 minutes. They have a huge selection of key blanks and several options for key identifiers. I would definitely go back to Sarco without hesitation.
Rob V.
Went to Home Depot and wasted my time, that place is just a bunch of monkeys humping a football type of bad... Sarcos took care of me like grandma takes care of a hunger. Made my motorcycle keys as well, he was making a copy from a bent master but his copies work better than the original ever did.
Jon K.
Sarco helped me duplicate a set of car keys that other folks have been unable to do. He has a large inventory of key blanks and made one for me immediately, and then special ordered a FOB key for my vehicle as well, which came in less than a week later. All in all, he saved me a trip to the dealer, which saved me at least $100. Plus, I really appreciated his prompt and professional service. Highly recommended!
Kimberly N.
Your integrity and assistance is greatly appreciated. You will be the first call should ever need assistance again.
Sarah S.
Fantastic, full-service locksmith, key smith and all-around superior service-oriented gentleman/owner running the place. I highly recommend Sarco's for any locking need.
jagruti p.
This guy is waaaaaay cheaper than the other locksmiths in the area. He was prompt and thorough. I highly recommend him!
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Lockworks Unlimited Redwood City, CA

2671 El Camino Real
Redwood City, CA 94061
199425 years in business
Fax: (650) 299-9205
Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM-3:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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Stacy S.
Lockworks gets my Business when it has anything to do with Locks or keys, even though my Brother is a Locksmith Jason is my go to guy. My visits usually are Automotive door locks that need to be rebuilt and Re keyed to one key.They stock OE GM keys and are not bothered when I bring my own keys in to be cut. Most shops do not like to cut steel keys, but this is no bother. Although I like Jason and his crew at lockworks I miss the old quote from A Crane. "We don't have the keys to heavan so drive carefully" A satisfied Customer
Cinthya Z.
Always so nice and attentive. They've made me countless house keys and my car keys when I shattered the shell it came in! Parking is a little tough so if there's any on the street in the front, I find it's easier to park there as exiting will be much safer and quicker! Totally recommend them!
Bumping up the review by one star since they promptly reached back to fix the issue after posting the review.
Mike A.
These guys are fantastic! I had a broken key in my lock and they pulled it out free of charge for me! Will be going here for all my future lock needs.
Kathleen T.
If I could give them a negative number, I would. Purchased a safe from the company many yeas ago for about 2000.00. I called the day after my husband of 40 years died as the key pad came off. When I called they told me there was nothing they could do over the phone. They came out put a battery in and the face back on. Paid over 200.00. I was in mourning and very depressed about the death of my husband. Once they came out, I knew for a fact they were taking advantage of me! Today, 12-21-17, I asked for the over ride password for the safe and they said they did not have it. How can I be the only person in the SF Bay Area that has needed this override code for my kind of safe. They have been hostile each time I speak to them. Please don't buy anything from these crocks. Once you buy the safe, they are more interested in getting another 200.00 plus to come out to fix the safe. I would have been an excellent customer and would refer people to them if they just helped me out. That is contrary to their business sense. I am filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau. My sister uses Facebook and she is gong to post this review with her Facebook group too.
J Q.
Speedy key copying service and placement of colored rubber key identifiers on each key! The service here beats those 'self-service' kiosks hands down! Will come back should the need arise!
Guray A.
I had an absolutely great experience working with these guys. They were punctual, friendly, and completely accommodating. They even pitched in with a furniture delivery that I accidentally booked at the same time! They felt like old friends! They stood by their work, and when one of the locks they changed was sticking slightly they were out in a flash to fix it right up. I can't recommend them more highly!
Jack S.
Great! Thank you. They do a fantastic job! Very convenient location. Fast turnaround time
Dennis H.
When we bought our new house, we were excited about the doors that were installed. They were high-end, clear glass and had an interesting lock mechanism that, while tricky to operate, were solid and functional. However, we missed a couple of items during inspection. We didn't realize that there wasn't a door stop and the door would swing into the outside light and damage it, and as luck would have it, the lock mechanism was not easy to replace when damaged. I received a recommendation for Lockworks and scheduled a visit. He arrived on time, and there was only a short delay to get the consultation, and it was clear that the technician had been around this rodeo before because he had answers to all of my questions. Not just one answer, a bunch of them, enough for me to make an informed decision. After a few days, I received a call on the costs of the options that I was interested in, and I picked what I wanted and scheduled the visit. They arrived, again on time, and quickly and efficiently did the work. All the parts were there, and the modifications to the door were done as a custom retrofit and it works well. Costs were well within expectations. So what more can I say? They showed up on time, they billed appropriate time and materials, and there were mistakes or second guessing. They are the genuine article.
Deborah W.
These guys are awesome. Lost keys, rekey, lockouts and just about any type of key you need. You'll want to go to Lockworks Unlimited and speak with any of the guys who are friendly and fast. They can handle all your lock issues and will get you in and out. Call and speak with Jason or Shawn or any of the guys and you'll be happy you went to them. You need a locksmith, don't bother looking any further.
Carole C.
These guys are the best! We've used them many, many times for a variety of lock related jobs. They are always on time, easy to work with, professional, friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, trustworthy and really know their job. Thanks guys for ANOTHER job well done. It's nice to be able to pick up the phone and know you're going to get good service.
victor k.
I have used them many times for various things: Getting keys made. Unlocking safes that I lost the combo to. Programming keys for vehicles. This company is great and goes above and beyond. Jason is very experienced and his crew is great. I would not use any other lock smith! If I could give them 10 stars I would!
Judy W.
Great customer service and prompt response to my service call on repairing a lock. The tech also called me when work was completed and explained the repair details.
Alexander C.
Man these guys are the best, I can not begin to tell you how much extra time these guys spent helping me with my slider door locks, these guys really have a lot of experience and I'm glad they are so close. Definitely recommend them!
Donna T.
I called them and they sent a technician (Dave) out right away to assess the job. I needed a keypad style lock on my side gate. Dave had to get creative to make it work but that wasn't a problem. Noticing his solid MacGyver skills, I asked if he could also install the door hardware on our pocket doors in the house (the hardware even our general contractor wouldn't install). We've lived in our new house for 5 years and we've been using blue painter's tape to pull the doors. Yeah, pretty sad. No problem for Lockworks! It was a really complicated job and it took several hours but it's beautiful! Finally, I asked Dave to have a look at the strike plate on our front door. It wasn't latching unless we really leaned on it and it was also a problem nobody else was able to solve.... until Dave solved it!
Garrett L.
These guys are awesome. Took care of me very well and helped me tremendously. Highly recommend if you need a key made also have 24 hour support to help anyone that looses key.
Marat G.
I needed to make a remote key for my car. They provided best offer for me, their staff is very professional and friendly. My job was done within 10-15 minutes. Highly recommend! Best service!!!
Steven D.
The remote key fob on for my car died (bad contacts) and at first I bought a replacement fob with a programmer from a site on line.... didn't work no matter how many times I tried. Then I contacted some dealers, who not only wanted outrageous prices but also wanted me to leave my car for the day. So I tried Lockworks and lo and behold, could not have worked out any better. Not only did they charge me much less than I was quoted by the dealers, but I walked in and got the job done right on the spot without any waiting. Now I have 2 working remote keys for my car and it was because of these guys.... kudos!!
Sophia S.
They quoted me a super inflated price of $190 for a 5 min job to pop my bedroom door. I ended up finding someone willing to do it for $90. I should probably change my current occupation and become a locksmith if I've know that's how much I can charge for a simple job like this.
Nan S.
Great response time & great work! Broke key inside lock & not only did they fix it but also noticed that latch was not even & fixed that as well. Great place!
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San Mateo Lock Works San Mateo, CA

321 2nd Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
192792 years in business
Facebook Google+
Additional number: (800) 200-4905
Fax: (650) 344-6672
Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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David G.
My business was broken into on a Saturday morning. They responded within 4 hours to assess the damage. George was great! He made sure my business was secure for the evening. He was back out on Monday to complete the rest of the repairs. Jesse and Eric were very helpful on the over the phone and communicated well to make everything was done. Thank you again!!
Gayatri Vilas N.
Fast and accurate service. I went to get duplicate house keys. I got 3 duplicate keys within 5 minutes.
Greg Ciro T.
I was in a hectic situation today with contractors installing doors at my place, and many locks that weren't keyed together. I took all the locks and a pile of keys over to these guys last minute before closing on a Saturday. I wasn't expecting anyone to be happy about it--but these guys were awesome. Super friendly, helpful, and quick. Severin (probably butchering his name) was the kind of guy you want to run into when you need help in a pinch. Great attitude and he went above and beyond to help me when he could've understandably put it off until Monday. He showed me how to use the SmartKey tech on the locks and fixed the one I failed with. Great team at San Mateo Lock Works. Thanks for the help today guys!
Tanner T.
Michael was quick and professional. Had the lock replaced in a matter of minutes. Would definitely recommend.
Kristina L.
Came here to get a duplicate of a key. Would've been super fast but I couldn't decide. Eric was super helpful, funny and put up with me deciding between and leopard print or Hello Kitty key.
David L.
Great communication, fast and prompt and clear with what needs to be done. If you want a great locksmith, call these guys!
Wallace Y.
Michael came over to the house and I explained the problem we had with that key and lock. The key would just turn and not engage to bolt. Michael explained the issue and fixed the problem within 30 minutes. The people at San Mateo Lock Works are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced at what they do. If you ever need a good lock smith, try these folks. Also their shop is located in downtown San Mateo. If you ever drop in, you'll love their friendly people. Thanks guys!
Toy O.
San Mateo Lock Works sent a young guy, named Everett. Everett said hi, went up to the door, took out a pick and had my door open in under 20 seconds. He didn't even scratch the knob. Oh, and I was quoted an estimated price on the phone and charged $25.00 less than the estimate. AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED RIGHT BEFORE THAT: I called their 800 # when I locked myself out of the house the other day. I stated that I had a 70 year old Schlage lock that I needed PICKED. The guy said, 'it shouldn't be a problem, but they "may have to replace the lock."' Then he gave me this really low ball figure. A few minutes later, a second guy called me to confirm my request and my address. 30 minutes later, a guy shows up. I asked, "Are you going to have any trouble PICKING this lock?" He replies, confidently, "There isn't a lock I can't open." Then, he walks to the door, looks at it and informs me: 1) This lock has a 13" tumbler and can't be picked. 2) The lock is rusty and has to be replace, anyway. 3) He's going to have to drill the lock. I'll need to replace the whole works. 4) I didn't have to worry because his shop was 10 minutes away and AFTER he drilled the lock, he'd come 'right back' with a new door knob. Facts: 1) There are no 13" anythings in this lock. 2) There are no tumblers in this lock. 3) There was no rust in the lock. 4) It's a brass lock. You make locks from brass because IT DOES NOT RUST. 5) If you know how to drill a lock, you only need to replace the lock cylinder. 6) If you can put a key in a lock, it's a pickable. Now, I don't want to judge him harshly on possible misinformation. So I called a client whose company probably made the drill bit "Nameless Locksmith" wants to use to destroy my door knob. Nameless and Client speak for almost about 10 seconds. Client tells me to call a locksmith. So I tell Nameless that I'm calling a locksmith. He tells me I have to pay him for driving all the way to lie to me. I tell him to sue me. He says, I'm not leaving until you pay me. I explained to him that I was very specific about what I wanted done so his company would not send out the wrong person for the job. If he was not qualified, he should not have been sent. I did not request that someone show up and lie to me. He said, the lock is rusty, you want me to show you? I said, "Absolutely." He said, "I'm not leaving until you pay me." I told him to get comfortable. I called another company , San Mateo Lock Works. And Nameless Locksmith left.
D M.
This was the third of fourth time I have called on San Mateo Lock Works. My 20-year old Baldwin lock was loose and needed some love before it got worse. Everette arrived, quickly diagnosed, the problem and fixed it in about 1/2 hours. I feel like I have a brand new lock.
Phillip M.
Stunning lack of indifference Suggest you try somebody else first
Sunny S.
One of our original automatic smart key for the Mazda 2013 CX-5 was broken so San Mateo Lock Works made a new key for us. It cost: $322 plus $0.50 metered parking outside of its store this morning. Even though we're glad that we have a new working key now still feels that it's rather costly. However, we have no prior experience of this matter so I thought simply to share our experience with you here for your future reference.
Iusethis F.
Wow, super fast and friendly keys made. I wish I came here before osh and lowes. Highly recommend
Jeanne H.
One of the exhibits at my workplace has a weird lock with a weird key. I and my volunteers need to access it every day, but I inherited the damaged key (ring slot is damaged, not the functional part) and I needed one for the volunteers. ACE Hardware in Belmont had a limited selection of blanks and suggested Keylo in San Carlos (should have listened), but I wanted to give these guys a shot because, frankly, their location looked amazing. I was helped promptly and answered a few questions, but the vibe became instantly unfriendly, when I was asked about what the key was for (glass exhibit door) and then immediately if I had permission to have my own key. I realize it's a legitimate question to ask, but a little less hostility in asking would go a long way. The locksmith did look through his walls of keys and went online, but came back to me and said I had an imported key he did not have the blank to and gave me back the key. I asked if I had any options or if there was some other person/place he could recommend and the answer was "No". The only thing missing from the entire interaction was "Shoo, shoo!" before I walked out of the door. I would have waited longer and paid whatever it took to get that key special ordered, but I wasn't given that option (or any other option). My weird key is currently at Keylo where they are going to try to manufacture a duplicate from another blank. I don't know if they'll be successful yet, but at least they're trying.
P C.
I had a nightmare to the start of my day: put all my belongings in my office and then accidentally locked myself out. No phone. No car keys. Nothing! After attempting to find a spare key and getting no luck, I ran over to San Mateo Lock Works. In less than half an hour they had my door unlocked and I could go about the rest of my day at work! I was so thankful and grateful for their friendly, professional, and QUICK service.
Mason L.
Awesome guys, been around 91 years.. super efficient and fast and we'll priced. Support your local biz
Jay G.
We had a complicated replacement car key situation with our 2003 Honda Accord..they knew what do to at a reasonable price..SMLW rocks!
Cindee T.
Rekey my locks in minutes TWICE! I was in and out of the shop in under 10minutes with a new lock and a new set of keys. (They said i was lucky and got in at the right time ;) - 11am on a Saturday. Went home and came back with another lock and again done in under 10mins. They are really nice, knowledgeable and speedy! Price wise for the speed and convenience i think it's reasonable. 2 locks and 3 keys for $45. The bonus - garage right behind and plenty of street parking (if you cone at the right time).
Nicholas J.
While they're definitely not the kind of place you want to go bargain hunting, if you need some bizarre part for some bizarre commercial lock and don't want to wait around for UPS after ordering from the manufacturer, they probably have one in stock and know exactly where it is--today. That is much, much more than can be said of most locksmiths in the bay area. I happen to have all the tools to key my own cylinders and bore my own holes so I am unlikely to ever need their installation services, but having done enough of that sort of work for myself, I have a feeling that many of the one star reviews complaining about them "ruining" structurally unsound doors are from the same kind of people who complain when the plumber doesn't replace their tile and drywall after knocking holes in it to fix the pipes they're actually licensed to. I have never found their staff anything but pleasant and courteous to deal with myself. You don't call a locksmith if you need extensive carpentry work, folks.
F K.
Walked in and asked to have a key copied. Handed over the key, paid, and walked out in less than 3 mins. Used the key on my lock--success it worked. Inexpensive and quick.
Adrian A.
Great service!!! Brought in my sliding door lock to get it re-keyed and they got it done in 20mims. I'll come back to these guys if I ever need that kind of service again. A+++
YPMobile User
I needed a locksmith and called san mateo lockworks. They came when they said they would come did a wonderfuljob and were very reasonable in cost. I was very happy with them.
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Dad’s Locksmith and Security Danville, CA

23 Railroad Ave
Danville, CA 94526
198831 years in business
Fax: (925) 828-1787
Closed Now
Monday 10:00 AM-5:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 10:00 AM-5:30 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM-5:30 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM-5:30 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM-5:30 PM
Friday 10:00 AM-5:30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 9 hours 9 minutes
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Gene B.
I recently used Dad's Locksmith to re-key the locks and install a new door lock and deadbolt on the house we just purchased. Rich gave me an estimate over the phone and told me what the various charges would be. He also let me know to check the various types of manufacture's locks (e.g. Schlage, Baldwin, etc) that were at the house and which would work with the same type of key. This allowed me to know which locks I would have to change out if I only wanted one type of key for the whole house. I then went to Home Depot and picked up a door knob / deadbolt set before hand and he installed it when he showed up. He arrived exactly on time, was courteous, professional, and had the job done within an hour.
Sarah J.
Excellent. Reliable. Fast with lowest prices of 5 places called. Nothing else I could ask for. I am very happy and have new locks on all my doors!
Janelle L.
Fast and affordable service. We discussed over the phone the options for changing our locks and he was on time, helpful and even tried to help us find our cat who we thought may have escaped out the front door. Highly recommend!
Robert C.
Ever had a key made and when you get it home you find it does not work? That is because they don't maintain their equipment. That is not the story with Dad's. We have been dealing with them for over 20 years. It has always done right. Rick fixed a lock yesterday, and now it works better than it did new. They no longer maintain a store, but he does respond to phone calls. If you need keys made, he will rendezvous with you.
J S.
Rich was timely, efficient and professional, coming to my home to rekey a number of locks. He met his estimated price and timeline well, and good quality work!
Natalie E.
I needed them in a pinch to rekey 21 locks and they squeezed me in same day to take care of this urgent matter. Service was exceptional, quality of work was great, and price was beyond fair. I would absolutely call them again and/or refer them to a friend!
Hillary P.
We've had Rich over to our house twice and both times he has done a great job! He's rekeyed our exterior doors and replaced all the handles with new ones. Very nice and professional but also personable. Cost is reasonable and he does the job right. Highly recommend!
Heather S.
'Dad' (Rich & son), came out within an hour of my call to open a door I had locked (with only key inside). Talk about fast, efficient, professional and totally great guys! I am over the moon with speedy reliable service with a very friendly attitude. Oh and by the way, Rich was able to cut a couple of new keys for me on the spot from his mobile shop. Fully recommend!
Martha S.
Thank you for your fast, efficient and professional service. And for fixing my sliding door. You guys are awesome.
Maria V.
I used their service a few times to install new locks, make extra keys and get mailbox lock that was missing key drilled out and replaced. They were always nice and professional. Great small business.
Heidi B.
Used them to make copies of keys for years THEY ARE NO LONGER ON LINDA MESA They are now a mobile buisness
Gregory M.
Like the Fourth of July Parade, the Tree Lighting Ceremony, and Primos Pizza, Dad's Locksmith is one of those community pillars which helps Danville maintain its small town charm. For as long as I can remember this has been the place to go to for all of your locksmith needs. It's been around since before I was a child and I've come to consider this small business one of the anchors of the Downtown Danville area. The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and extremely helpful. They've always gone out of their way to go that extra mile to provide good olé fashioned customer service. You just won't find staff that accommodating to customer needs anywhere but a family owned business. In my opinion Dads Locksmith is very reasonably priced. Yes it's true that if you really wanted to cut coupons and wait in line bright and early on Black Friday you could buy a slightly cheaper lock at a big box store but it will be just that. You get what you pay for. You'll never find the same level of service and expertise at a big box store. I've yet to have a negative experience with their in home service. They are always reliable and On Time. That's hugely important to me when scheduling any sort of in home service appointment. If you're in the market for a new safe I would recommend you seriously consider Dads Locksmith. Go in and talk to Rich or Dylan. Tell them what you're looking for and they won't just try and push a product on you to close a sale. They'll make sure you get the right product for your needs. I don't often write Yelp reviews. When I do it is because a business has made a consistent impression on me time and again and I feel it is worth sharing. This is one such instance.
Jennifer C.
I was told to go to Dad's by the company who is refinishing our front door. We also want to change the hardware on our front door at the same time. I spoke with the owner and instead of selling me a $2,000+ lockset for our door, he suggested we take it to a place in Livermore to have it refinished. I didn't even know that was possible! He said it would be about $400. Anyone who is willing to save me $1,500+ gets 5 stars in my book! I'll use Dad's any time I have a lock or security need from now on! PS - They are closing their Danville location, but will be having a mobile business going forward and I hope they are more successful than ever!
Melissa P.
Thank you Dad's Locksmith! Came in with a trailer receiver lock that didn't have a key. They tried to pick the lock, but in the end they had to drill it out. They were nice and easy to work with. I now have new receiver lock that has a key, won't loose this key! Easy to work with and great service. Thanks!
Jackie H.
Not too pleased with this company. I am a local Realtor who had difficulties ordering locks and dummy locks for a client's front door with Lowes. Decided to make my life easier by going to an expert. I was promised the special order item would arrive. It did not, nobody called. I made a trip down there and they said they would follow up and call me. Nobody called now they're closed for a week and my client has no door knob. Not too professional.
Joyce B.
UNRELIABLE - DESERVES TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS! I wasted 5 trips to Dad's in Danville. I was trying to replace a lock that is no longer made. First trip, I got there shortly after 1 PM on Saturday and Dad's was already closed (one hour wasted plus I had to re-install the lock). I went a 2nd time during the week. I got there at 9:45 AM. Posted hours say they open at 9:30 but there was no sign of life inside and they were not answering the phone. I was two hours late to work that day. I called the 3rd time and yes they were open. I showed them my old lock and the pieces I needed were no longer made so we talked about the options and none of which were great so I went home to think about it. We finally made the decision to replace all the entry locks to the house and I went back to Dad's a 4th time to get the four new locks I needed. They did not have "dummy knobs" for the non-operating doors but would order them. I got a call a few days later saying my ordered parts were now in. I tried to get there again during the week but could not get away from work before the weekend. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up on Saturday at 10:30 to find a note on the door saying the business was closed for the next two weeks so the owners could go on vacation. It sure would have been helpful to have that bit of information when I got the message on Thursday that my handles were in. I could have asked someone to pick up the locks for me. By this time the lock on my front door was completely non-functional. At this point, I went to a local ACE Hardware and bought new locks and had them all re-keyed. Normally, I like to try and do business with a local business, but this one is just not open when customers need them. My advice to others - GO ELSEWHERE! Don't waste your time like I did.
Joyce H.
I called Dad's Locksmith and Security yesterday's and found the customer service representative to be professional and courteous on the phone. He helped me scheduled a convenient time to come over the next day. Today, I had a great service call with Daniel, a lock technician. He called ahead, arrived early, was polite and got my front door lock fixed quickly and efficiently. I really appreciated that he checked the lock meticulously, when he was finished, to make sure I wouldn't have any problems getting in and out of my house. Overall really pleased with this company. They did a great job for me.
Jessica C.
Came recommended by another local locksmith. These guys are ready for anything. I had a jewelry box that needed a special old fashioned key to lock the top. The two men on duty were very helpful and tried 20+ keys before finding one that fit. Thank you for your time and effort; it is much appreciated :)
Mike S.
Disorganized and amateurish. Took them a long time to decide they didn't have the equipment to cut steel keys. Unable to service my lock. No lock cleaning solution for sale in store. They did not seem to be professionals who had much experience.
Barbara G.
Rich was fabulous and extremely helpful! We've always used them for our home locks since we moved to the area 13 years ago. We were recently looking for a home safe and they were extremely knowledgable and well-versed in the different kinds, the specifications and benefits from the manufacturers. They didn't try to hard-sell any product and they even offered to deliver the safe because of it's weight. Rich and his son were flexible and even delivered it the day of purchase. They're great to deal with so if you're looking for advice, service and quality products, this is the place to shop!!
No Image

Rex Key & Security Berkeley, CA

1908 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
1910109 years in business
Additional number: (510) 234-6363
Closed Now
Monday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Thursday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Friday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM-4:30 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 39 minutes
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Michael P.
Once again, great service from the folks at Rex. They re-keyed several deadbolt cylinders for me, including one that I tried to do myself that ended up with a jammed deadbolt. Super fast, super reasonable and very friendly.
I. E. C.
Now my antique front door lock is fixed! Thank you REX tech from El Cerrito
Julia I.
Brian: Thank you for your response. I appreciate your taking the time to address my concern, which confirmed for me that the attitude displayed by the woman I spoke with was not representative of your business. The car key is history, but I will keep you in mind in the future.
Megha T.
Super easy and quick place to get your keys copied. Came here on a Tuesday afternoon and got two copies of my two house keys for $12 in total. The employee at the counter was helpful and friendly, letting me know that I didn't even need to take the keys off my key ring. He took 2 min max to copy both keys and I was soon out the door! They give you your keys on a key ring, which is convenient. Rex also sells all sorts of door locks, combination locks, keychains, bottle opener key rings, etc. Heads up, they have a sign that says that if your key says "DO NOT DUPLICATE" and you're trying to get it copied, they aren't able to do so unless you bring a note of authorization on official letterhead.
Max N.
Unfriendly and unhelpful. Unable to copy my Subaru key because it wasn't factory (?) and did not explain this over the phone accurately.
Mikey P.
I had a couple of keys cut elsewhere and they didn't work at all in our house's original 1912 front door lock. Went to Rex and they immediately identified the vintage key blank needed and I came home with three keys that work better in the lock than my originals. I won't be going anywhere else from now on.
Olivia C.
Excellent service! Called this morning to see if they were open since it's the day after Christmas and received a quote on the spot! Went in and was immediately helped. Was in and out of the store within 5-7 minutes. I was worried they wouldn't be able to help me since my key is a special security key but they had it in stock thankfully! The employees were all smiles and it was such a positive experience. Thank you Rex Key & Security! You will definitely be my future go to locksmith!
Cleo B.
Quick and efficient, but communication could've been better. I didn't realize that placing the order by phone and describing in detail the locks would still require someone to come out first, before going and buying the necessary hardware. That would've been good to know and I wouldn't have bothered describing everything in great detail. We were charged for the correct amount of locks, but realized afterwards that there was one that was not done. Not charged for it, but would've been happy to have it done.
King M.
Don't you just love it when you go into a business for services that were quoted by someone else at nearly ten times the amount, and you think to yourself.... "This can't be possible, if those other guys were trying to charge me ten times as much, how can this business do it for less?" I just want to say to Tim thank you very much for your honesty assistance and overall excellent customer service. I'm not sure if he was already off for the day, but stuck around to cut some keys for me, because he took off right after finishing the job and walking me through the programing steps for my car. Keys worked perfectly and I'll definitely share the word to those who are looking to get similar services done.
Carolynn N.
Great shop! My car key broke in the ignition, and within 10 minutes of arriving I had a brand new key. I called/went to 4 other shops looking for a fix, but this store was the only one to help me. Price was very reasonable. Customer service was excellent! I was very impressed. I'll be coming back to shop their wife selection of lock related products and accessories. I saw a bunch of things I've been looking for but have been unable to find in stores. Thank you for the great service!
Matt P.
Liars. I tried to buy blanks and they told me it was illegal for them to sell me blanks if I wasn't a locksmith. This is completely untrue and the only reason I can imagine they would tell me this is to charge me more to do the cuts. If they'd said it was simply a store policy to not sell blanks I wouldn't be upset, but to lie and say it has something to do with legality is just BS. I tried to support a local business but I guess I'll just go to Home Depot or Amazon.
Michelle O.
Excellent service by Jeffrey! Called about my son's lost car key and with the VIN, had a new one same day inexpensively! He was $350 cheaper than another Berkeley locksmith. Nice and professional, highly recommend.
Racquel L.
Staff are always attentive and friendly. They will help right away. They usually get busy so I tried to go here earlier. Hope it stays the same and looking forward to do more business with you all.
A Y.
I got a Honda Fit car key cut and programmed for about $125. Overall pleasant experience, efficient service, and fair price. Tim helped me with a quote and other questions over the phone. He was extremely patient and provided very helpful answers to all my questions, even after I called multiple times with new things to ask. Geoff provided excellent customer service at the shop and was able to complete the job in about 20 minutes. The suggested time to go is Mon - Thu before 3 pm. You need to bring your car and the working key there to program the new key. They have gated parking behind the building. If you have lost all the car keys, they will come to your car (for an additional charge) to cut and program a new one. They recommend buying the car key from them or the dealer because the wrong key could damage the car. But I bought one online and luckily everything went ok.
Thaisa F.
The guys in this shop are great. But they need to get someone else to answer the phone. I had a time-sensitive problem with a key that broke off in my car. (AAA would only tow the car.) The guy let me go through hoops explaining the situation and then said in a clipped voice: We won't do that today. You're welcome to bring it in tomorrow at 8:30. Clueless. No people-smarts. But also a real tinge of nastiness.
Tram N.
I needed copies of a key which turned out to not be as straight forward as I thought it was going to be, but Ryan really helped me out! I had tried to go to a local hardware store twice prior to get a copies made, but the keys wouldn't work and so they sent me to Rex Key and Security. I got two copies from here, but they didn't work either! I brought the keys back to Ryan and he was able to figure out that my original key was cut a little weird. He cut me three ever so slightly different copies to try out (with grooves matching my original, but cut three different ways), and I was able to find the one that worked! I'll be going back here tomorrow to get another copy made, and for my future key and lock needs! The guys at this shop are super helpful and friendly, and I would really and honestly recommend this place!
Heres J.
GREAT SERVICE, FAST I had a key duplicated at Rex a number of years ago and so when I needed a new car key, I went back, and the young man who helped me could not have been more polite or helpful. It was a pretty basic transaction -- $6 duplicate key -- but the whole experience was as trouble free as I can imagine. I was in and out of there in about five minutes; the key works perfectly; and I'm a happy camper .. er, driver!
Genuwine H.
I take my reviews on Yelp very seriously. It is hard to find people of quality you can trust to come into your home and work on your locks. I recommend​ them without hesitation. Tim the manager and Conan the locksmith, who came to my home, get my VOTE! They are honest, kind and competent. Conan cares deeply about the quality​ of work he performs. His father was a locksmith and he has a high regard for the trade. Thanks again, ​Conan and Tim.
Mane C.
Excellent service with a dash of humor. I've been losing keys and locking myself out for years now!! And every time I do, I come to Rex Key to get a quick copy without breaking the bank. The service here is unbeatable -- fast, efficient, inexpensive, and they've got jokes! Gotta admire the humor and pick-me-up when you're probably visiting because you've locked yourself out for the 3rd time this month. Thanks Rex!!
Tiffany H.
I love this place! Best place to get your keys copied! The service is super quick and friendly, and you'll get what you need in a jiffy! I'm not sure how competitive the prices are, since the price depends on the type of key you're copying, but it's not too expensive. Both times I've been here, I was in and out within five minutes and got 2-3 keys copied!!
Dan and Casey provided excellent product knowledge, craftsmanship, and customer service !
No Image

Security Safe Hayward, CA

1753 Addison Way
Hayward, CA 94544
197643 years in business
Additional number: (877) 777-0456
Fax: (510) 732-8716
Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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  • Google Reviews(0)
Susan M.
I called, they had Chris the tech out in 1/2 an hour and he had the safe open in 15 minutes. He was fast, courteous and helpful. I really appreciate the excellent service. THANK YOU
Jason R.
I had 2 commercial safes that each weighed over 3,000 that I needed to move from a commercial location to a residential location. I tried 4 other movers but they were unwilling or unable to take on the project. I called Security Safe and got in touch with Devon who requested some pics and a little more detail. I was quoted a price of $450 for the first hour and $225 for each additional hour thereafter and that we can have it scheduled a week from our conversation. I accepted it quickly before they changed their minds (since nobody else wanted to do it) and had our time and date set! I figured that it should take right around 1 hour since the distance was only 6.5 miles and there were no stairs involved. Our moving date came and I received a call at the exact time of our scheduled appointment telling me that the guys were on their way. I left to meet them and they showed up slightly after I did. 2 guys jump out of the truck and I'm thinking it might not be enough. One guy is an older, scrawny gentleman who couldn't have been more than 150lbs and the other guy was a younger 20 something kid around 190lbs that looked to be the "muscle" for the move. I start thinking an hour to an hour and a half of charged worked for me ($675, ugh). Little did I know that Gary (the "scrawny" guy) had YEARS of experience moving safes. They unloaded their equipment (2 pallet jacks and a forklft) and proceeded to load each safe onto their moving truck with a minimum of effort and no wasted motion. I watch them tie everything down and tell them that I'll meet them at the drop off location, all the while looking at my watch and timing it all in my head thinking of the final bill. As I wait for them to arrive I can only feel like they're taking their time driving over and they're letting the meter run but they actually arrived just a few minutes after me. I told them the exact placement of both safes and they easily unloaded and placed them perfectly. To my surprise Gary and his partner finished the job in exactly 1 hour! Both gentlemen were very professional and again, wasted very little motion doing their job. I really appreciated the effort that they both put in to make sure that they finished in such a timely manner. If I ever have to move these safes again I know who I will reach out to. Hopefully Gary will still be around and we can have a repeat of this experience...
Noble J.
Ordered a safe that they had on their website and they charged my CC immediately. A week later they emailed me saying they no longer carried that item. A week wasted and a week that they had my money. VERY POOR SERVICE!!!!!!
Mark S.
My AMSEC safe is more than 10 years old. A problem occurred with the electric lock. This, it turns out, was self-inflected, so please do not think poorly of AMSEC safes. I called the safe company I bought it from and after sending them photos with a description of the problem, they recommended Security Safe. Security Safe was very responsive, calling me back within a few minutes after my phone call and sending photos. They arranged for a repairman to come out the next day "in the afternoon." The repairman, Chris, called me at about 11am, asked if he could come over "now," said he would arrive within 30 minutes and he arrived in 20 minutes. A wire was broken from the battery to the locking mechanism. Although he offered to repair the wire, I asked about other options as we have a second AMSEC safe purchased just 2 years ago and I like that lock better. Chris explained that the safe needing repair could not accept the other type of lock, but he did give me 2 other options, recommending the less expensive of the two. I opted to go with his recommendation. Chris finished the installation, explanation of how the lock works, and all the billing paperwork, and left by 11:50 AM. I was very pleased with the prompt response of each person I interacted with at Security Safe, and their professionalism. It could not have been better!
andrew a.
Friendly service throughout the staff. Daniel was my sales associate who showed me a variety of safes based on what I was looking for. Daniel gave me a great deal with excellent service. I definitely recommend Daniel to all my friends and family!
Trevar M.
Daniel was super helpful and honest. Great experience. I'll certainly do business with Security Safe again when the need arises.
Crystal R.
Security Safe sells defective products and doesn't cover them under warranty. We purchased a high end commercial TRTL30x6 with Safe Wizard lock. In less than a year, both the lock and handle on the safe failed. Security Safe refused to cover either issue under its alleged 1 yr warranty. We had to pay emergency repair charges to another locksmith for the handle when it failed before a busy weekend and Security Safe didn't pick up their phone or provide emergency contact info. When offered a chance to make it right, Gary - the owner - told us that he didn't see anything wrong with their approach and he was fine to forego our future business. Of the 5 star reviews below, we know that one was written by an employee so I'm not sure the rest can be trusted.
Michael R.
What a quality place this is. I'm into security and needed a high quality safe that would fit in a tight spot. These guys hooked me up with one from American Security that I just love. The tricky part was the delivery since it had to go down a set of stairs. But the guys brought a motorized dolly, got it set in place and then bolted it to the floor. There were a couple of disconnects that we ultimately worked out. So, overall, a very good experience. I've also recommended this place to my father-in-law who is shopping for a safe. Good price, quality products and excellent delivery and installation.
Derek L.
We bought a use safe and the price we paid for what we got was the best deal out there. The delivery team was excellent. They took there time and was very professional. They did not touch a wall or even a door. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a safe.
K O.
I just purchased an AMSEC home safe from them at a price lower than what I found online. Plus their delivery service is stop notch. Both the Asian fellow and his Mexican partner were excellent, going the extra mile to make sure it was securely installed just right, at a price almost half that of white glove delivery by the online stores. I highly recommend this business. The quality of safes they sell is much better than that from Costco or the other big box stores. YouTube Sentry Safe break in.
I went to buy a safe and their salesman Tom was of no help. I explained several times I wanted a small safe for some personal items and he kept trying to sell me a huge 500 pound $1,500+ safe. No matter what I said, he kept saying that all his small safes were junk and that I had to buy a big one. He also said, and I quote "Safe technology hasn't changed in 300 years." - I guess they had electronic safes with push-buttons back in the 1700's. He basically talked me out of buying anything from him. Overall, it was an odd experience and I went over to Oakland and found a nice safe for about $800.00 by AMSEC which has a great reputation for quality.
Casey L.
We called them to replace a lock. They did an awesome job. They were here on time and with a great attitude. We will definitely call them if we need help again :)
R R.
I came across Security Safe to help install a safe I bought from another company. Their installation team was very patient in helping to quote a price and easy to work with when the date had to be changed because the safe hadn't arrived from the other company. Their office manager was very efficient and prompt in providing a certificate of insurance to show all the insurance coverage they had in case anything went wrong. I had obtained quotes from a few other installers in a 30 mile radius and their's was the most reasonable. The peace of mind from working with this classy team was priceless.
Daniel y.
I went by to purchase a safe and i was surprised to see how may different types of safes they had. They have several different type of gun safes, jewelery safes, and home safes. I was greeted as soon as i walked in and was given a great price on the safe i purchased. They delivered and installed my safe quickly and professionally. I also found out they build vaults in home. I would definitely recommend everyone who is interested in a safe to go by and take a look.
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Galaxy Locksmith Fremont, CA

37116 Holly St
Fremont, CA 94536
200118 years in business
Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM-2:30 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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Halee Z.
Extremely unprofessional. I am a new business in the area and was locking for someone to come install new door locks at my shop. Called and made an appt with someone at Galaxy Locksmith for 2pm the next day. Day of the appt texted to see if they were on their way since it was after 2pm and no one showed up, no one replied to my text either. Called and left voicemail at about 2:15pm. Waited until close to 2:45pm and no one ever showed up or returned my call or text, although my text showed delivered and read. DO NOT use this company unless you want your time wasted. Its a shame, as a local business owner I would think they would be more professional. I would have understood and appreciated a text or call that they weren't going to be able to make it. Definitely moved my schedule around to accommodate meeting them there at 2pm. What a waste of time!
Ryan A.
Edmundo is a long time locksmith. I've worked with him many times over the years. He's very good at what he does, professional, prompt, & fair priced. I recommend Galaxy to all people with locksmith needs.
Rodel P.
Ed is a very experience locksmith, a guy who does a terrific job. He managed to fix our ford car ignition issue and also gave us a 3 month warranty. He promptly came as soon as we called and quickly fix the problem. We highly recommend him!!!
Alayna S.
- Never needed a locksmith before so seeing all his great reviews on Yelp.. I gave him a call. - Called @ 4 & talked to Ed. He let me know he'd get to my house around 6pm & told me the pricing. I wasn't in a hurry so the time worked for me. - He was very professional when he came. He brought a under-study & they both explained to me what they were doing.
Jason N.
fast service, great prices! Will call from now on for anything i need a locksmith for.
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A 1-Locksmith Burlingame, CA

359 Beach Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010
198633 years in business
Facebook Google+
Additional number: (650) 344-5600
Fax: (650) 344-5626
Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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N S.
$1,300 to rekey 4 doors. Steve said it took him almost 5 hours, which is impossible. It should take no more than an hour to do this work. Even at that price, he didn't ask what color locks we wanted and installed a hodgepodge of colors. The door in the bedroom ended up with an illegal lock (without a handle). Tried calling him to discuss the pricing and the poor quality, but he went radio silent.
claudia l.
Steve is amazing! I called on a Saturday afternoon needing assistance ASAP. Steve was kind enough to come within 15 minutes even though he had previous plans. He cares about his customers and loves what he does. My lock was a bit unique and Steve was determined to find a solution and did. He is a wealth of knowledge and did the job with an up beat attitude the entire time. If you have lock issues you need Steve!
Jane S.
So I can't say enough positive comments about A1 Locksmiths. Called on Sunday because the front door handle broke. We could not use the door! I texted him pictures of the handle and he said he had the same one in stock. So on Monday the owner of A1 Locksmith came and fixed the handle. We now can feel secure leaving our house. He was on time and had to make a trip back to get another part. Felt he charged a reasonable price and did a very good job. The door closes much better and the handle feels very secure.
Will G.
I really don't recommend this terrible service to anyone. Forgot the key inside my house and called this service for help. But he didn't help anything, either opening the front door or the back door. Highly doubt his professional skills. Even worse, he charged me $120 for just coming here! Tried to argue with him reasonably, but he didn't listen at all. I had no way, but paid to let him leave. I usually don't leave bad reviews. But he really made me feel upset.
Masami Y.
Don't call this place & ask Steve to replace your keys. He'll rip you off. I trusted the reputation here & saying all good about him. I called him on Friday & set appointment on Monday 7pm since service hours is till 9pm. He called on Monday 7pm said that he'll charge me overtime if I insist him to do that time. So I rearrange to next day, around 11:30am. But he showed up 2:30pm, without any apologies. He did jobs & had my credit card #. Next day, invoice & charged notice came. He charged $175 for rekeyed x 5, $16 for copies x4, $150 for one hour labor. On top of that, he charged me $80 for " Service call". What is service call??? Then add up to $421 plus sales tax $40. Total $461. I emailed & called him for inquiries without response. People shouldn't treat others in this way. Be careful with this guy.
John M.
Steve at A1 locksmith provided us with good prompt service the morning the lock on our Store Front door decided to stop working... Thank you Steve...
Carb Q.
Steve was the best locksmith I have had to call by far, and because of my job I've had to call many. He got to the house I manage quickly and opened 3 closet doors so fast it amazed me! I've had other locksmiths take 45 minutes just to open one door.
Charlotte C.
Thanks goodness for A1 Locksmith! They were open on Sunday when others weren't and they arrived within the hour to help unlock our front door. Our door is also quite tricky as the lock is very old, but Steve still managed to get us in without damaging/drilling the lock. Thanks for the great work :)
Nicole B.
Steve has helped me probably too many times to count. A Yelp review is long overdue for him. When I was 18, locked my keys in my car, and had to be in class within an hour, Steve came to my rescue, and he had everything with his since he has a mobile van too. He helped me re-key my house after a break in, and even helped re-mount the doorbell that had been knocked out of the wall. Two thumbs up! Only locksmith in the bay you need to know.
Andy C.
We have an office in Burlingame and one of our doors was accidentally locked by the janitors during the night. Guess what? There was no key available and we couldn't help our customers! I called and spoke with Steve, the owner of A-1 and after explaining our predicament he was kind enough to prioritize us first and come right out. Steve had the door open in literally less than three minutes. No damage to the door, no need to replace the lock. Of course he used tools that I would have no access to and frankly would not have even known existed! I can't thank him enough for prioritizing our situation first, he even accepts payments by Square with was very convenient for our business needs. Just the fact that Steve is savvy enough to squeeze in an easy job before moving on to set appointments earned three stars in my book. His demeanor and kind attitude earned him the other two. Definitely recommend.
Alexandra D.
Review is on the following: customer service, speed of service, price of service, overall experience Customer Service: I called to request pricing, but did not leave a message after a few rings. I received a call back within 2 minutes asking if I had any questions... that has never happened! Furthermore, Steve (owner) drove to me.. I did not know he could do that, but he does, and he was able to waive the fee as it was on his way.. that was extremely generous of him! Speed of Service: Upon speaking with Steve, he was able to come by the office, check out the keys needing to be copied and provide an estimate all WITHIN 10 minutes.. all of this; I did not have to leave the office building! Price of Service: Fair pricing for high-security key replacement Experience: GREAT! If I EVER need keys, I am going here!
Tihani C.
Got locked out of my car after class and he came over pretty quickly. We spent the first 5 or so min trying to get into the passenger door when I realized that the only door with an electric lock (was trying to open the window switch) was the drivers side haha... He was pretty chill about it.
Peter M.
Steve responded immediately to our being locked out. He replaced the lock cylinder matched it to the other door lock and saved us a heap of trouble. Highly recommended.
Lerry J.
I just bought a house and asked Steve with A-1 Locksmith to make a house call to change out all the locks. Steve was perfectly punctual, arriving at our designated time. We reviewed my needs. He fulfilled them exactly as requested. He also assisted in repairing some damage to one of my doors. Anytime someone comes out to make a housecall for any service, you expect to pay a premium. The service was not cheap, but it was more than worth it. Steve decided to take things to the next level. While he was there, without me asking, he helped out by helping reset the dead garage door and also helped do some basic rewiring of some poorly laid cable from the previous owner. All in all, a perfect experience. I will be using Steve for any of my future locksmith needs. And maybe even garage door needs!
Elizabeth E.
I locked myself out of my house and A-1 provided speedy, helpful service on a Saturday morning! Price was comparable to other local locksmiths.
Kalena M.
A1 Locksmith provided excellent service when I needed my house's locks to be changed and new keys made for my car. After calling around to several locksmiths I found Steve's estimate to be the lowest. I hired him for the job, he came out in the time frame expected and was able to complete the job in less time than estimated. He even threw in a spare set of keys for me.
James D.
A-1 Locksmith in Burlingame charged me $200 to change the lock on my front door. The service was fine but their rates are 2x what you can get elsewhere. I complained to the owner and after some haggling he agreed to partially reduce the service fee. The refund check was promised but never mailed - even after repeated attempts by me to get in touch with them again.
Maribel S.
I locked myself out of my apartment on a Saturday at 11am, thankfully I had my smartphone with me so I could google for a locksmith. The first hit on Google for "Locksmith Burlingame" is A 1-Locksmith, so naturally I called them. I asked for a price and they said $150!! Do note, I have never used a locksmith before so I have no idea how much unlocking an apartment door should cost. I don't know if it was because it was a Saturday, but surely $150 is wayyyy too much to pay. I did not use their services (actually got it done for $79 with a diff company), and I do not intend to in the future for the outrageous prices they are charging.
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A-A Lock Menlo Park, CA

1251 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025
195762 years in business
Additional number: (650) 326-9020
Fax: (650) 326-0957
Closed Now
Monday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM-3:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 7 hours 9 minutes
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Barbara P.
Kurt, the serviceman, was great (on time, friendly, professional). One star because ridiculously expensive. Came out to replace lock on front door. Also had them remove a broken key in a different lock. Trip charge was $95. Parts charge was $375 for Baldwin lock (price online for the part is $205--so they charged an 83% premium over online retail!) Had to come back because they had to order the part (which is fine). Took 30 minutes to do the replacement on the second trip. Charged for a full hour, because Kurt said the owner requires a flat charge of an hour for installing a lock regardless of how long it actually takes (though we were also charged for a full hour for the first visit, too). Total charge = $802! Parts $408; trip charge $95; labor $300 (2 hours x $150/hr). Basically we were charged an extra $175 for the part and $395 for 1.5 hours of work (comes out to $266/hour for labor).
Judy L.
Great service! Needed to have our locks changed because of a stolen key! They were very responsive, professional, quick and kind. Leo the technician was a very good guy.
Edgard N.
I have taken many auto keys bought on amazon to them as they are the only company that would cut them for me without complaining about where I bought them. Every key cut has been perfect. I haven't had them program my keys, as I do them myself, but they have offered every time. I highly recommend them and will continue to take keys to them!
Jenny X.
Was in and out within 5 mins after duplicating a simple residential key, was charged $6.80 in total. I would try them for lock change after my move. They service as far as San Francisco areas
Melanie C.
Let me just start by saying... should have come here first. Have two very, very old lock box keys belonging to my elderly mom with dementia. She's been misplacing them lately, so I needed to make copies. Went to two big hardware stores first and they couldn't match them. Went to A-A and within minutes he found an equally old match and made copies for me. Very friendly and fast. Highly recommend!
Kate O.
I've used A-A Lock for a number of services - from installing a new lock on a front door, getting keys made, etc. Recently, Chris was very helpful in getting a small lock off an heirloom treasure chest - he was incredibly patient (it took at least 15 minutes to saw the lock off) and careful not to damage the item. Thanks so much for your great service!!
A J.
Simply amazing place. This is the Promised Land of locksmiths. I called them because we needed to swap out the cylinder to our front door since it was made in China and the key associated with the cylinder is an obscure double laser cut thing that can't be replicated in the United States. Believe me, we've tried. And we were down to three keys so we needed to take action. I spoke to Mikey on the phone. He asked for pictures which I sent. We then spoke again and he said Denise was the best person to help me because she is their all-knowing purchasing guru. So I took out the cylinder myself and took it to their shop. Denise ordered me a new one with a normal North American key. She said it would take a week and it arrived in two days. All we paid for was the cylinder and a few keys. No labour to pay for since they suggested I bring it myself. Most locksmiths would try and milk me for a site visit. Now we can make copies easily whenever we want.
Tingting T.
I had a very bad experience with A-A lock. The technician came and we discussed what needs to be done, when I asked for estimation of everything, he gave me some numbers but did not mention labor fee at all. After he was done, he charged me an additional labor fee more than 100. I called their office to complain and they just let me leave a voice message and nobody following up.
Bruce H.
My 89 yr old father had front door lock re-keyed. He didn't realize he didn't have cash/check to pay so he called me. AA Lock tech quotes $9 for materials and $90 service fee for total of $99. Then they emailed me invoice for $110. When I asked why the difference in price, they said because extra work they had to do (emailing invoice) to collect payment. When I asked to speak to manager, they removed extra fee. Won't do business with these guys again....
Ramsey S.
I needed to have the upper lock on my door re-keyed and was happy that I could schedule a same-day appt. George came to do the work and he was professional, kind, and ethical. His work is steady and reliable. I definitely recommend! A+
mike m.
Visited AAA to get keys made for a small display case housing college treasures. I met Kris who is very personable and professional ly. Kris carefully unlocked the truck showcase and made 2 keys. If you think keys, think Kris. Kris is a lifesaver. I cannot thank Kris for stellar workmanship. Kris is a superhero!
Jason B.
I got a set of keys from here, walked across the street to grab some breakfast for 30 min and the British dude that works here tried to tow my car. Instead of apologizing he tried to fight me. Sorry you have nothing better to do in your boring job. Keys were fine, its not that difficult. I'll just go to a kyosk at the mall next time though.
Gloria K.
Was late on a Friday afternoon and I need to repair the lock on my shop. They crew managed to shift some people around and send me some one to repair. Truly lifesavers. U are the best.
Rebecca M.
Very friendly people who were all knowledgable and ready to provide suggestions to solve my issue. Nice local feel.
Rajiv D.
I had to pay a quick visit to get a key made for my son's bike lock which I couldn't get done at OSH. Not only was I impressed with the variety of keys they carried, the service was great and they made sure that I did not overspend doing something.
Renee K.
These guys are dodgy. I went in to get a replacement car key and discovered the one they would have to order would cost $180 plus $60 to program. So I ordered a replacement online for $80 and took it in for them to program. They said they couldn't program it because it was different to my original key, and even if they could it would cost them $60 to program and $60 to cut (suddenly there's a new fee?!). So I returned the key and went to my car dealer instead to get a new key. Cost $230 all up... but the key was exactly like the one I had ordered online! There is no way I believe the key I ordered couldn't be programed to my car- they just didn't want to because they didn't like me not ordering through them. I would have thought they'd still be happy to get my business. They're dodgy. I gave them a star for cutting my mailbox key that my local hardware store couldn't get right.
Kaushik N.
This place is incredible and definitely made my day! Very professional and helpful! If I could I would give this place a 10 star because of Chris! He did everything he can he made the impossible POSSIBLE to make a new key for me from the broken one I brought in. He is phenomenal and goes above and beyond with his customer service and skills! Definitely coming back to make my keys here!
Andy H.
Yesterday, our 16 month old locked me out of our house (while he was still inside). Frantic, I called A-A Lock and they had a locksmith at our door within ten minutes! The locksmith saved the day and quickly opened the door. The locksmith made us two extra keys while he was at our house. While the locksmith was out, he cut a key for my Toyota truck that I just so happen to need as well. A A Lock was super quick, super professional, and incredibly reasonably priced. Their work was top notch and my new truck key works just as well as my factory key.
Jed W.
Took in my motorcycle key and a blank to have them cut a duplicate for me so I could get it programmed when I took my bike in for service (it's a chip key that needs to be programmed to match that specific bike). They mangled the new key beyond recognition. They've offered to order a replacement, but that means taking off work early a second day to get there before they close and then making a special trip to the dealer, which wastes many hours of my time. I will update if/when they actually come through on the new key.
C D.
Ducati riders -- do you only have 1 black key and no code card? That scenario seems to happen a lot when you buy a used Duc, as it did me. I've researched this mess for months. But now I can breathe easier, because the black key was successfully copied, electronics and all, by the cool guys at AA. Start by getting the correct blank from www.motorcyclekeys.com. For me that was the Sidewinder. This blank is also good for some Aprilia and Moto Guzzi bikes. Next, take it (and your black key) to AA, and ask for George. All will be good.
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Bayside Locksmith Hayward, CA

965 W Winton Ave
Hayward, CA 94545
199920 years in business
Additional number: (510) 264-1214
Fax: (510) 264-1270
Closed Now
Monday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
(Full week)
Monday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 8 hours 9 minutes
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Gary C.
Don't know quite what to say about these guys. Went in about a month ago to get a key made. A nice young man helped me and did not have the key blank in stock, took my info and said he would call in a couple of days. 2 weeks later I call and get a "let me check and I will call you back". 2 more weeks, another call, same response
Helene O.
MOST helpful locksmith in East Bay. After calling 10+ shops, these guys were the first to take the time to help me, search their inventory for the correct key blanks and provide some useful money-saving tips. Absolute lifesavers, great service. Highly recommend!
Big Baby Jesus C.
I didn't have an appointment with these people, I stopped by their shop to have some locks rekeyed. Well, some joneser snaked the tumbler out of one of the doorknobs I bought and returned it to Home Depot and I didn't notice, so they couldn't rekey that one obviously. Then they knocked the fee for one of the locks they did do off the tab, and offered to do the lock they couldn't do for free if I exchanged it for a good one due to the inconvenience which wasn't even their fault! So I bring in the good lock and they did it while I waited. Seldom do I give people 5 stars the first time, but Jesus what more can you expect from people?
Sajith S.
I was in urgent need or rekey-ing my home locks, and I called Bayside. Xavier attended the call. he sounded very friendly and professional. Gave me a rough estimate over the phone and fixed up an appointment for 10AM next day. It was very urgent, but he said he did not have anything on the same day. Next day, I took a few hours off from work, drove all the way to my new home and waited there. Nobody showed up. When I called the office, they did not have any clue about the appointment. I had to call someone else ( who did a great job btw), to fix it. I hate to deal with unreliable people. From other reviews looks like they do a good job, but my experience with them was bad . Wouldn't recommend them to anyone
Patrick M.
Had a 2000 Nissan Maxima and a 1998 Honda civic having ignition key issues. The Maxima's key would not turn and the Honda key stuck extremely bad. Isaac (the owner) came out to my Honda with a can lubricant and showed me how to fix the issue and advised me to get a new key. I went home and use WD40 and did the very same thing to my Maxima and it started to work like new. He spent a good 30 minutes with me and only charged me the price for one key. Great customer service and in my case and new loyal customer.
Nicole M.
I came here awhile back to have a key copied, unfortunately I came 20 minutes before closing time to my surprise they were closed "early" for the day. Came back the next day and the staff was extremely rude and provided very little help.
Allan W.
I had Xavier from Bayside Locksmith come out to originally cut a key for my 95 Ford Explorer. Once Xavier began to work on it he noticed that I needed a new ignition switch. I saved over $50 dealing with Bayside Locksmith and would gladly recommend them to anybody. Thank You Xavier and Bayside Locksmith.
Your M.
Went to get a price on a remote programmed. Guy said it must be a remote from GM or they can't do it. If that was the case I'll just go to the dealer. Plus they want an arm and a leg just for a remote. Took my remotes purchased from Amazon and got em programmed from a friend who had a programmer.
Terry L.
Very satisfied with the work that Bayside Locksmith did to order and program my 2nd 2010 Toyota Prius key fob! It took about a week to get the key fob (due to the 4th of July holiday). Once it arrived, one of their techs programmed the 2nd key fob quickly. It probably took him less than 10 minutes. Their team was courteous and professional. All features worked - comfort access, open/close using remote, and panic button. Their laser cutter was offline but they will contact me to finish cutting the valet key that is part of the key fob. Price was much lower than Toyota also. I'm glad I took my friends recommendation and used Bayside locksmith. Highly recommend them to duplicate Toyota Prius keys!
Teresa M.
After calling three places for quotes for 5 lock re keys after a car theft I came back to my first call- it was totally the right decision!! Xavier was the best ...double checking each lock and was professional and efficient. I highly recommend this company. Especially the technician Xavier who took a stressful situation and made it much better.
Frankie L.
Went to the store to get a estimate on getting a key made for my car with remote cut and program. the man at the counter was very rude with a bad attitude quoted me a higher price than what the dealer charges and try to tell me the dealer doesn't program the key...
Michael V.
Xavier came to my warehouse over the weekend I had lost my keys not only was he fast professional and made me laugh,the price was less then I was quoted over the phone. Thank you again I will be giving bayside locksmith all of my business.
Keshni K.
Confirmed that someone will be at my house at 11am...called this morning at 1125am, they stated they will be at my house within 30mins (between 11am-1130am) now It's 1229pm....still no answer. Spoke with Joseph at 1229pm who started the driver will be at my house within next 30mins??? Currently waiting...its 1230pm...so let's wait if someone do show up in 30mins...Poor Customer Service! Took time out from my Work to wait here since 11am...I made my appointment 48hrs ahead of time.....??? Will update my comments after they finally show-up?? UPDATE:- At 1pm Joseph called me back and Cancelled my Appointment. WOW!!!! What a poor service. I just paid someone $120 to get my house key lock changed. They just lost a $120 business to another company. I work in Largest Trauma Center Hospital in the Bay Area and Customer Service is very important in Healthcare. Money is not the issues I would had paid $800 for my door but the Customer Service Provided, made me wait for 3 hours and then cancel my Appointment that I made 48hrs ago??? WOW! I see over 400 people a day at my work....and I will make sure I Spend the bad news about BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH to enter Hayward community......please don't do business with them! You will be very disappointed just like my family.
Lisa A.
I had such a positive experience that I knew I wanted to share it on Yelp. I contacted BaySide LockSmith because they are a Diamond Certified company. I like using Diamond Certified companies because they go through an extensive vetting process. My locksmith was Xavier. I'm sure they're all good, but what stood Xavier out in my mind was his professionalism and speed. I asked him to rekey five locks for me. I also had a troublesome deadbolt that would decide if it wanted to open or not! Xavier fixed this issue too. If I could give BaySide more than five stars I would!
Dano S.
I was having some issues with my car keys and these guys totally helped me out! They were a lot more honest and helpful than the dealership! Saved me over $50 by having them help me instead of the dealer! Thanks guys!
Monica G.
Xavier was so honest and fair with us. We had been under the impression that we only needed one re-key for two identical locks. He explained why we need 2, but was willing to only charge for 1. Exceptional customer service! I give Xavier 5*, but since the owner didn't tell us we'd be charged for 2 locks, only 4*. Monica
Rodney A.
Fast, local honest small business. Reasonably priced compared to the local competitors. Xavier and his team super professional. Thanks for helping out in bind
Linda K.
I took in my broken doorknob assembly and rather than just sell me a replacement they determined the problem, fixed it and it cost me less than half of a new door knob! And whenever i have keys made there, they always work. Great job! Linda K.
Jocelyn B.
Xavier saved the day!! I manage a large retail store in the bay area. The lock on our cash room broke at closing and without access to that room,we wouldn't be able to open for cash transactions the next day. I called Bayside at 8pm and he promised to meet me 2 hours prior to opening. Xavier was right on time,as promised. He was able to get the door open right away,charged EXACTLY what he had quoted the night before,took my card info over the phone so I didn't have to make a special trip in Monday morning traffic and sent my invoice via email immediately. Quick,honest,skilled and efficient!! Thanks Bayside!!!
A T.
Terrible. The little office absolutely reeks of pot. Made obvious by the fans in the back pointed out a window. I don't care about smoking, but it is very unprofessional to have customers crammed into an office that they have been hot boxing. Asked for a copy of my house key to be made, the guy spent a good 5 minutes looking at it and comparing it to the key templates they have. I take it home, try it on my door, it doesn't work. I look at it and it's nowhere close to the same key. My mistake not looking at the key there in the office because, you know, I thought they couldn't mess up something as simple as making a copy of a key but they did. Go elsewhere, somewhere more professional and work with locksmiths that actually have what knowledge it takes to make a copy of a key.
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